Aya Nakamura and her companion in police custody? The couple suspected of domestic violence

Aya Nakamura arrested by the police?

It’s a little bombshell that TF1/LCI has just dropped. According to the sources of the two media, Aya Nakamura and her companion, the producer Vladimir Budnikoff, would have been placed in police custody this Saturday August 6, 2022 at the Rosny-sous-Bois police station (Seine-Saint-Denis). The reason ? Both were reportedly arrested on suspicion of “reciprocal violence on spouse“within their own home.

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A case of domestic violence soon judged?

And obviously, the case would be taken very seriously by justice. Where the couple would be released after an interrogation of several hours, he should on the other hand appear before the correctional court of Bobigny next November. It would indeed be blamed on Aya Nakamura and her companion “acts of violence by spouse resulting in total incapacity for work of less than eight daysNo details of these supposed injuries have been released, however.

For the time being, this information is to be taken conditionally since the artist has not officially reacted. We can also discover it once again today on Instagram, the interpreter of Quickdraw seems on the contrary rather serene and in good shape, as evidenced by the videos of her filmed during a concert that she has just shared in story. To be continued.

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