Aya Nakamura will give a concert in Fortnite

Aya Nakamura will give a concert in Fortnite

Aya Nakamura will sing in the Fortnite video game.

It’s Aya Nakamura’s turn to perform in the metaverse.

Many artists have already gone through the metaverse, Travis Scott, Justin Bieber, David Guetta or even Young Thug, Anderson. Paak and Ariana Grande, all have already done their concert in the virtual world or through the Fortnite game. It’s the turn of Aya Nakamura, the singer with multiple certifications to enter this game. She announced that she will be entitled to an island dedicated to her in the virtual world of Fortnite, from October 6 to 9, 2022.

Between two battle royales, so players will be able to trade certain wins for a special entry to “Aya’s Island”. The island was created by the American studio Atlas Creative and the video will consist of five pieces by the artist, forming a “live” of about 15 min. This whole operation was created by the French studio Mado XR who also created the avatar of Aya Nakamura.

The company Epic Games has also explained the procedure to follow:

“Once in fortnite, click the Change button (in the lobby). The Discover screen will then appear and you can click on the Sound Wave Series: Aya Nakamura box. You can also switch to the Island Code screen and enter the code 3500-0540-0065.”

After the concert, spectators will receive a few gifts as well as a “girlfriend” Emote, a spray and a parachute, probably to return to the game right after.

This is the first appearance of the singer in the Metaverse or even Fortnite, she is part of the still very short list of artists who have passed through this platform, to see how the players will live the experience.

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