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For our most hardened readers that of JezuzJrr it is certainly a well-known name, thanks to its incredible competitive performances reported during the past year.

JezuzJrr is a very young Italian player (his region is Sicily, ed) who in just under a year managed to reach the most important stages of the international Warzone, battle royale of Activision based on the famous ten-year franchise of call of Duty.

Love between JezuzJrr And Warzone born in March 2020, when this extraordinary talent begins to devote hours upon hours Verdansk to improve aim and movement.

The beginning of the “love story” between Warzone And JezuzJrr it is very similar to that of millions of other people around the world, born during the first months of the hard lockdowns of COVID, and continued until today, albeit with some “quarrel” in the middle (by “quarrels” we can mean the numerous bugs, cheaters, or any of the many other problems that have been recorded on Warzone).

After a year of growth, Jezuz has improved so much that he has attracted the attention of the best players in the country. He also manages to win a place in the team in various international events, tournaments that have tens of thousands of dollars at stake… therefore really serious stuff, at a competitive level.

And here comes the greatness of JezuzJrr: in the most delicate moment, in what we could call his “rookie year”, Jezuz begins to sign superlative performances, almost as if the excitement and tension of his “first times” were transformed into exceptional propellant to power the his best plays.

Perhaps the peak of its 2021 was reached in the first edition of Only Yolo, during the phase of the world championship last autumn: in this unique event, the 150 participants of the world championship had to play in a special lobby in free-for-all, with the prize money (100 thousand dollars) that would go only to the first classified.

In a game like this, the level of tension is so high that even those actions that are usually done in an almost mechanical way are not taken for granted.

For JezuzJrr it was not like that. The Italian has in fact decided to choose the “aggressive” strategy (one of the very few to opt for a more lively tactic), chasing his opponents and even signing 10 kills (I could remember wrongly, but if I’m not mistaken Jezuz was the player of that Only Yolo with more kills).

Warzone World Cup: JezuzJrr touches the miracle at SOLO YOLO, everything happens

Jezuz unfortunately he stopped one step away from victory, due to the infinite effect of a stun launched almost accidentally by the French Chowh1, in the very last fight of the lobby (only the two of them remained alive, ed) which gave this same player the first title of the ONLY Yolo from Warzone.

This performance, combined with the many others that characterized the central part of the past year, attracted on JezuzJrr the interest of many important realities … one of all that of Fnatic, noble and well-known international esports team within which several well-known names of the Italian scene already gravitate (Moonryde, Pow3r And Lomba, ed), which has now managed to put this phenomenon from southern Italy under contract.

By signing the contract, Jezuz joins the club (still very small) of the players of our community who have managed to demonstrate their value and their skill, deserving the direct support of an international organization.

The Italians JezuzJrr & Lomba triumph in the Vikkstar Warzone Showdown: they will represent the community in the Grand Finale!

The one that has just begun could be the year of the consecration of Jezuz, certainly more than any other willing to have his revenge at the next edition of Only Yolo, and certainly hungry for more victories and trophies that he will soon want to add to his personal wall.

Best wishes and congratulations on entering Fnatic Jezuz, that your story, like that of the other stars of our panorama, may be an inspiration to the many superlative talents that our scene would have to express, on Warzone and on many other competitive titles.

Lomba and Jezuz stop in the semifinals at the Vikkstar Showdown against Aydan and Rated

COD Warzone community voted: Moonryde the “best streamer”! Savy and JezuzJRR win the categories “Killer” and “Basketball player”

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