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Azure Lanethe smartphone video game in which players collect anthropomorphized warships turned into cute girls, has disabled comments about Russian warships in the game. Azure Lane features a feature where players can leave comments about their favorite characters that other players can see.

Azur Lane disables comments on Russian ships in the video game

As a result of the current war between Russia and Ukraine (possibly from users using comments to spread political messages), yostar has hidden all comments about Russian warships and players cannot do more at the time of writing. «Lol, Yostar disabled Kronshtadt’s comments because of the impeccable timing they had in launching Russian-inspired ships on the same day that Russia decided to be an aggressor. However, it is not about overshadowing Yostar. Both the event and the characters take months of planning and development. There’s no way Yostar would have known and I’m pretty sure Yostar and its developers don’t condone or support Russia’s transgressions.», Wrote the publication on Twitter that revealed the data.

The interesting thing is that Azure Lane is a video game developed by Chinese companies Shanghai Manju and Xiamen Yongshiand the global release version (i.e. the English version) is published by Shanghai Yostar. So, although some fans consider it to be a “sanction” against Russia, it is just as likely to be to protect the image of this country, depending on what the player base says. China has been notoriously silent on Ukraine and Russia issues, being one of the few abstentions at the UN when issues between the two countries have been brought up.

The Japanese server of the video game is available in the catalog of QooApp on this link.

Azur Lane Synopsis

When the “Sirens”, an alien force with an arsenal far surpassing current technology, suddenly appeared, a divided humanity leaned on each other for the first time in history. Four countries, Eagle Union, Royal Navy, Sakura Empire and Iron Blood, formed “Azur Lane”, paving the way for the improvement of modern warfare, leading to a first victory against the common threat. However, this tenuous union was threatened by two opposing ideals, dividing the alliance in two and fragmenting humanity again. As an experienced fighter, Enterprise, nicknamed the “Grey Ghost”, carries the “Azur Lane” on her shoulders in hopes of ending the war. But behind her stoic custom hides a fragile girl, afraid of the ocean. Still, she continues to fight because she believes it is the sole purpose of her existence.

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