Baba Vanga made 5 dire predictions for humanity in 2023

Baba Vanga, The seer and visionary who died about 30 years ago made predictions till the year 5079. was written by the man known as Nostradamus of the Balkans. 5 terrible and scary predictions For 2023. There are three and a half months left until the year ends and many people wonder whether their predictions were actually for this year, or whether they are somewhat distorted by the passage of time (or just not going to come true). These 5 lines of prophecy are as follows:

-Use will begin in one country (no details given) biological weapons In humans.

-The explosion of a nuclear plant that would lead to a major disaster (alarm has already been sounded in Zaporizhia, Ukraine).

-This the earth will start A change in the planet’s orbit that would generate significant increases in temperature, radiation, and sea levels (this isn’t too far off track).

-A solar storm Which can destroy electrical networks and telecommunications, and it matches the theory that scientists have given for causing explosions on the Sun in 11-year cycles.

-Governments ban on natural birth, campaign from generation to generation life in laboratories and stopping uncontrolled population growth (at the moment, it seems that this will not be accomplished). strict sense,

Baba Vanga predicted many bad news for 2024, such as a major earthquake that would shake the United States and change the course of the Mississippi River. In addition, a devastating tsunami will again hit Asia, which will be more devastating than that of 2004 (which was already predicted at the time as well as the attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11). . In another order, according to Baba Vanga, this will be the end of oil: new clean and renewable energy options will be sought to reduce its depletion. We remember that he has been dead for almost three decades.

But apart from the bad omen for the year 2024, there is also one that the millions of followers who still believe in his predictions (the Russian and Balkan faithful stand by) hope will come true. And it is about trafficking: it would be nothing more and nothing less than the most important discovery in recent years in the field of medicine that would allow us to cure diseases such as cancer and AIDS (HIV). The mystic did not specify what it would include, but noted that it would be the result of years of research and work by scientists. Spinning, that could be it. From here we join in wishing that your prediction comes true.


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