Baby Lores suffers a sad loss and launches a project to help families in the same situation

The Cuban reggaeton player Baby Lores released sad family news through his social networks. At the same time, he reported how this hard blow inspired them to help other people who are going through traumatic situations with their loved ones.

“As you know, my wife felt bad on the day of the reveal of the baby’s gender that was on the way. After a lot of fighting and battling, the sad news is that the baby could not be saved, ”he says emotionally affected in a video.

Likewise, he took the opportunity to ensure that his wife’s health was fine and now it was time to face what happened together, surrounded by much love and trusting in the future.

“The good news is that Lola is out of danger and is already home. We are here with our family, our three beautiful children. As I told you, we accept the will of God. We know that everything happens for a reason and we are super grateful because we have a very nice family and we have to move forward, “said the musician.

According to Lores, going through such an unfortunate situation has helped them direct their efforts to support sick children and fill homes with optimism. “With great faith we have taken this sad blow to promote a project that my wife and I had. It’s called Somos Esperanza and we’ve been developing it for a long time.”

“It is based on helping children who are sick. Now, with more wishes, we want to contribute our grain of sand to help save the life of a child, relieve pain and give hope to parents, “said the member of Clan 537.

Similarly, the Cuban thanked everyone who sent good vibes to him and his wife in these difficult times. “I want to thank all the people who have been attentive to the health of my wife and my family. To all my friends, to the followers who have sent us messages on all networks, ”he assured.

“Thank you for everything, we are super happy to know that there are many people who love us. Now to recover, stay focused on our children and on this project, ”he said before concluding the video. At the same time, he left the link to the website of the initiative so that those interested can learn more about what this idea is about.

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