Baby pink makeup: The trend that will make you look fresh, sweet and beautiful

Alert makeup lovers: baby pink makeup has come to stay! and not just for him boom of the Barbie that has been experienced in recent months, but also because this color tends to fade over the years, softening the features and giving a touch of life to your face. Would you like to see in detail what it is about and how it looks?

Keep reading because this will be the hero of the season!

What is baby pink makeup?

This trend is inspired by shades pastel pink Which is applied on the eyes, cheeks and lips to give a doll-like look. Celebrities such as Margot Robbie, Hailey Bieber and Gigi Hadid have already tasted its naturalness and freshness. to complete,

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The best part? It is very easy to do and right now we are sharing step by step so that you can replicate it on your own skin.

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You’ll look like a complete barbie!

Step 1: Deep Clean

if you want to show off baby pink makeup The first thing you need to do like an expert is to keep your face clean and moisturised at all times. Try a hydrating facial cleanser and antioxidant cream for glowing skin.

Step 2: Create a Glitter Canvas

after you Care of skinAfter this, apply foundation (preferably non-matte) all over the face. ink is a great option, but if you prefer something else trendyChoose serum effect base Which not only enhance the complexion, but also nourish your skin.

Step 3: Pastel Pink Shade

A pastel pink eyeshadow palette is paramount for an edgy look. even if you add a little of your Shame On the lids or if you prefer to amp it up with powder shadow, the key is to blend everything well towards the browbone.

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Don’t forget to brush your eyebrows and curl your eyelashes.

Step 4: Blush, Lots of Blush!

the most important step in look beauty be inspired by blush to complete The French is a favorite and adds a healthy dose of color from the top of the cheekbones. Whether you opt for the cream or powder format, this is one product you can’t skip.

Step 5: Lip Gloss for Extra Shiny Lips

Finally, seal your makeup with a pouty lip lip gloss, and ready! set your makeup with setting spray Refresh, such as with rose water, melon or cucumber, and you will notice that the skin is tastier.

Do you want to take your look to another level? bet on one barbie pink eyeliner Follow up as we teach you how to…

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