Babylon’s Fall takes away from Godfall the scepter of the worst PS5 exclusive, the number of players collapsed –

Babylon’s Fall is currently the worst exclusive PlayStation released on PS5. The Platinum Games game managed to snatch the scepter of this not too coveted honor from Godfall, which at least had the mitigating circumstances of not being a large production and not having a prestigious team behind it, as well as being one of the first titles released. for the latest generation console. Now it also tracks the number of players, at least on Steam.

Currently the PS5 version of Babylon’s Fall has a average grade of 41 on Metacritic, against that of 61 of Godfall, for a difference of 20 points. On OpenCritic things are slightly better, but there is still talk of an average rating of 44 for the title of PlatinumGames, against that of 60 for Godfall. We seem to have already written that it is a disaster, but it is better to confirm it so as not to leave room for doubt.

Bad results also in terms of the number of players, with daily peaks ranging from just over a thousand units up Steam, but with collapses that bring contemporary presences into play below 100 units (54 at the time of writing this news). Soon it will be difficult to find someone to play with. Considering also the small number of reviews in the Valve store, currently just 153, it is clear that the sales they must not have been exceptional so far and we do not believe they will improve.

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