Back in the 2000s? Manuel Turizo announces the release of a new album and raises expectations

COLOMBIA – Manuel Turizo, without a doubt, is one of the most promising and beloved musical exponents of Colombia. The young reggaeton player, certainly, has managed to conquer an exclusive audience with his peculiar baritone voice. An extremely distinctive feature of her artistic brand that, as if that were not enough, has managed to stand out in several of his collaborative works.

And it is that it would no longer be a matter of remembering songs like “Déjala Que Vuelva” or “La Nota”, where her voice has stood out more than other exponents of higher and brighter tessituras. A true achievement in the artistic field because the record that he has handled since the beginning of his career is not exactly the most popular, so his fame and success are currently an unprecedented phenomenon.

Manuel Turizo will return to 2000 soon

Although Manuel Turizo has stood out for the aforementioned, there is another great aspect of his career that has left him favored in various aspects. And it is that, as happens with other great urban exponents of Colombia, the interpreter of “Dopamina” has known how to adopt pop elements in order to give a much fresher air to each and every one of his reggaeton pieces.

Now, having the formulas for success in the current market clear, Turizo has made great news on his social networks and filled everyone with great emotion. The reason for this is that he has already announced when his next album called “2000” will come. A work that, according to what is rumored, will come loaded with endearing and iconic sounds of reggaeton de la mata. A move that is seen to be a trend during this 2022.

At the same time, many point out that the name that Manuel Turizo has chosen for this work, it is not precisely because of a return to those sounds, but because of the year in which he was born. What she had to say about this was the following: “When I turn 22 I put out the album. MTZ since 2000”. However, there are still many details to be revealed and, until then, he will only have to wait until April 12, when he will once again go around the sun.

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