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How many times have you not taken medications because a loved one recommended it?, or simply because at some point it helped you with the same disease that was troubling you.

This condition, which occurs very commonly and whose consequences are not measured, is raising alarm bells in the world’s health systems because Self-medication is compromising the effectiveness of many groups of drugsAmong those that are of most concern: Antibiotics.

Faced with this scenario, New EPS sought an expert opinion and according to Dr. Jose Alejandro Daza Vergara, a research epidemiologist at Mayor Mederi University Hospital, “the practice of taking medicines without a doctor’s prescription or without the help of a health professional It is not recommended Because it may alter or vary the normal course of a disease a patient is suffering from; Likewise, it produces a series of adverse events.”

The expert continued his analysis by commenting that inadequate intake of drugs leads to resistance, a condition that Limits the response of a given organism to infection, “The main molecules that are losing effectiveness are Antibiotic medicinesDue to indiscriminate use in respiratory conditions,” he said.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that infections such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, sepsis, gonorrhea or food-borne diseases are becoming difficult and sometimes impossible to treat.

In this context, the scientific publication EMBO estimates that by the year 2050, deaths due to this condition will 10 million deaths per yearWhole world.

Therefore, the expert concludes: “The most important thing is that the patient Follow doctors’ instructions and do not take antibiotics unless indicated. And are part of a care process led by a health professional. And we also ask pharmacy managers to dispense the prescribed formulations.


  • Take medications as prescribed by a certified health care professional.
  • Avoid taking the antibiotic route unless necessary.
  • Do not use antibiotics and medicines left by others.
  • Choose foods that do not use antibiotics in their production to promote healthy animal growth or prevent disease.

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