Bad Bunny and Brad Pitt will work together; this is the MOVIE everyone is talking about

Not even in your wildest dreams did you imagine that bad bunny and Brad Pitt they could work togetherbut this 2022 came to surprise us because the singer and the actor will share credits in a new film which will be released soon in cinemas; Do you have any idea what own treat this story? Here we tell you the details of the film that everyone is talking about.

There is no doubt that bad bunny he is in the best moment of his career: his successes”safaera”, “I dance alone” and “Callaita” sound everywhere and now, you will have the opportunity to shine in Hollywood with the consolidated star of the cinema, Brad Pitt. The movie already generated a lot of expectation Well, the singer’s fans want to see him as soon as possible on the big screen.

Bad Bunny and Brad Pitt will join forces in the cinema and will work together in a new film

The film that brought bad bunny and Brad Pitt is “Bullet Train”, an action film about five contract killers who share a long train journey and have a secret mission to accomplish, which connects and confronts them in unexpected ways. The 152-minute film is based on Korato Isaka’s Japanese bestseller.

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The cast of this film is made up of Joey King and Sandra Bullock. The revealed trailer reveals a scene in which Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband has a fight with the interpreter of “at your mercy”.

This is not the first time bad bunny He acts because he previously made an appearance in the third season of Narcos México. would you like to see this film? Well then prepare the popcorn for the next month of Julybecause on this date it will reach all cinemas.

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