Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner were caught kissing at a Drake concert

since the beginning of the year, bad bunny romantically linked to a model Kendall JennerWith whom she went to a party after Met Gala 2023. Though the singer and he haven’t defined their love status in public, they always give something to talk about whenever they are seen together.

weekend, Benito Antonio Martinez OcasioThe singer’s real name was accompanied by Jenner at a concert she performed Fly in Inglewood, California. During the presentation, celebrities were seen dancing in front of everyone and showing affection.

Through a clip posted on the Instagram account of ‘E! News’, the 27-year-old model and the 29-year-old Puerto Rican passionately kissed regardless of the fact that they were exposed to the crowd.

Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner during Game 6 of the Western Conference Semifinals of the 2023 NBA Playoffs.Getty Images

Also in the video, he is seen smiling all the time, including his younger sister. Kim Kardashian Whispering in the ear of the evil rabbit. The two celebrities weren’t alone in the evening, as they were joined by Kim, according to other videos posted on various Twitter profiles.

east of Kanye West She looked fun and happy with her sister and the “Ojitos Lindos” composer. The businesswoman even took several snapshots of the couple, according to some of the images.

Despite the fact that he captured the moment, Kim did not share the images on his social networks, which attracted attention, as he usually shares his activities on his Instagram profile.

Jenner and the singer started dating practically at the beginning of the year, it all started when the Puerto Rican decided to move to Los Angeles, a city known for living life in terms of fun and closeness. One of his favourites. He is accompanied by various show business stars.

In February, it was rumored that there was something between them because, according to various media, Benito lingered for a long time with Kendall at a party in an exclusive club in Los Angeles. It was even said that they kissed, but nothing was proved.

Days later, Jenner and the musician were spotted hanging out together Justin Biber and his wife. After that meeting, they were gradually seen together at NBA Lakers games as well as at the Coachella festival where Latinos performed.

Despite several photos of the two celebrities surfacing throughout the years, neither of them has publicly expressed whether or not they are in a dating relationship. In the past months, some media published information that confirmed that Kendall was pregnant, which has not yet happened.

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