“Bad Bunny” convinced the jury and stayed in the competition

“My Name Is” 2023 ends its fourth chapter with spectacular performances; And Bad Bunny impersonators Bon Jovi, Victor Manuelle and Greasy steal the show.

Mera Naam Hai 2023 comes with a new chapter this Monday. What happened? , snail television | snail television


What prize will the winner of “Yo Me Lhamo” 2023 get?

The impersonator who reaches the final of the Colombian reality show will take 500 million pesos, But, not only that, more than one billion pesos will be given in prizes to the most talented contestants throughout the chapter.

“My Name Is” 2023 Released It Chapter 4 last Monday, July 31, and in this edition Talented contestants try to impress the selected jury, Do you want to know everything that happened? Here we present the most important details. we’ll let you know as a preview The Bad Bunny impersonator managed to stay in the competition,

“My Name Is 2023”: Chapter 4 Summary

Chapter 4 of “My Name Is” 2023 ends. The participants tried their best; And it was copycats Marco Antonio Solis, Bon Jovi, Greasy Rendón, Mosca Tse-Tse, Victor Manuelle and Bad Bunny who are still in the running.

Tough fight for “Greasy”

“Greasy Rendon” surprised us with her imitation of the Colombian urban singer. He impressed us by commenting on his difficult battle against cancer before learning that he would continue to compete.

“Bon Jovi” is still on the run

“Bon Jovi” surprised everyone with his performance of ‘You Give Love a Bad Name’ and the jury decided that he would stay in the career.

6 years without haircut

“Marco Antonio Solis” arrived at “My Name Is” 2023 on 31 July and managed to persuade the jury to go ahead. As the contestant revealed, he hadn’t cut his hair in 6 years, which was apparently worth it.

The Tsetse Fly impersonator impressed everyone by dedicating his participation in “My Name Is” 2023 to his mother and breaking up. Fortunately, he managed to convince the jury and proceeded.

“Victor Manuel” Thank God

The Victor Manuelle impersonator managed to impress the jury of “My Name Is” 2023 with a spectacular performance. After receiving approval, he knelt down to give thanks to God and testified to life.

“Bad Bunny” in “My Name Is”

Chapter 4 of “My Name Is” 2023 brings to us a charismatic contestant who tries to enthrall the jury by donning the avatar of Bad Bunny. In the end, he managed to convince the jury, but not before getting some clues.

A new festival has begun!

Chapter 4 of “My Name is 2023” has begun. Today we will see more talented applicants dressed as an artist and appearing before the jury. Who will be there?

What time will the chapter 4 of “My Name” 2023 start?

Chapter 4 of “My Name Is” 2023 will follow immediately after the central edition of Noticias Caracol. Hours by geographic region are:

Peru. 8:00 pm.

Colombia. 8:00 pm.

– Mexico: 7:00 PM

– Ecuador: 8:00 p.m.

– Chilly. 9:00 pm.

“Jose Luis Perales” stole the heart of Amparo Grisales

The same day “My Name Is” returned on July 26, 2023, the José Luis Perales impersonator was very excited to fulfill his dream, prompting Amparo Grisales, who came over to hug him.

Where was “my name” born?

The successful format was created by the Endemol company, which was founded in the Netherlands. Then it spread to more than 47 countries in 5 continents.

Who are the winners of “My Name Is”?

The imitators who have been successful in winning the top prize offered by “My Name” are:

– Jorge Martinez imitating Rafael Orozco (2011).

– Brian Alvarez imitating Jose Jose (2012).

– Daniel Mora imitating Sandro from America (2014).

– Debbies Pino imitating Vicente Fernandez (2014).

– David Alsina imitating Nicky Jam (2017).

– Robinson Silva imitating Julio Jaramillo (2018).

– Albert Sanchez imitating Roberto Carlos (2019).

How to audition for “My Name Is”?

Those interested must log in to Caracol Television when new calls open. There they must register their data, as well as the song they will interpret.

they mistook him for karol ji

karol g impersonatorWhich unfortunately did not convince the jury, saying that on one occasion two traffic officers mistook her for the real artist. After listening to them for a moment, he told them the truth.

Where can you watch “My Name Is” 2023?

Colombian imitation reality show “Yo Me Llamo” will be broadcast Monday to Friday 8:00 PM on Caracol TV.

My name is Mario Bros.!

He The first chapter of the new edition of the Colombian reality show It was marked by many surprises. Among them was the arrival of a participant who interpreted a cappella Iconic Songs from the Movie “Mario Bros.”,

Who is presenting the 2023 edition of “My Name Is”?

on this occasion the drivers Those in charge of exhorting the public and embarrassing the jury are:

, carlos calero

, Melina Ramirez

Roberto Carlos is crowned in “My Name Is” 2020

Brazilian singer impersonator, played by Paisa Albert Sanchezwon the top prize of 600 million pesos 2020 edition of the Caracol TV contest,

What prize will the winner of “Yo Me Lhamo” 2023 get?

The impersonator who reaches the final of the Colombian reality show will take 500 million pesos, But, not only that, more than one billion pesos will be given in prizes to the most talented contestants throughout the chapter.

Who was saved in “My Name Is” 2023, Chapter 3?

imitators who stayed in the competition After episode 3 are:

– Miriam Hernandez

– Camilo

– Gustavo Quinto

– Alexander Fernandez

-so blessed

If you missed their performances, check out the following videos highlight the moment,

Welcome to “My Name Is” Live 2023

Good morning! Today, Monday 31 July, comes New edition of the Colombian singing reality show more popular. And libero diary will tell you All the events of Chapter 4 minute by minute, do not miss it!

Colombian reality show “Yo me llamo” 2023 begins!

The premiere of the 2023 season of the acclaimed Colombian singing reality show “Yo mi llamo” has already taken place, We can watch the first chapter on July 26 at 8:00 pm (Colombian, Ecuadorian and Peruvian time). Now many surprises are expected in the new chapter starting this week.

Pipe Bueno was a jury member on the previous season of “My Name Is”. Photo: Caracol TV.

“My name is” 2023 inscription

Men and women of legal age can sign up by entering “my name is” www.caracoltv.com/yomellamo, There they have to fill a form; And attach a photograph and a video of a maximum length of one minute. however, Registration for “My Name Is” 2023 has already closed,

How are the auditions for “My Name” 2023?

is in charge of a select group of the jury of the Colombian reality show Hear and evaluate applicants in a beautiful theater located in downtown Bogotá,

In this way, they will define who is ‘Best impersonator of an artist in Colombia in 2023‘ to offer them the top prize of 500 million Colombian pesos.

What time does Chapter 4 of “My Name Is” begin?

Immediately after the central edition of Noticias Caracol, Senal En Vivo will broadcast it Episode 4 of “My Name Is” 2023, Next, we provide you the hours in which you can enjoy new copycat talents,

  • on time Peru: 8:00 p.m.
  • on time Colombia: 8:00 p.m.
  • on time Mexico: 7:00 PM
  • Time in Ecuador: 8:00 PM
  • on time Chile: 9:00 p.m.
  • Time in United States: 9:00 PM
  • on time Spain: 3:00 am

The grand launch of “My Name” 2023 took place on 26th July. Photo: Caracol TV.

How to watch Caracol TV to enjoy “My Name Is” 2023?

Colombian Viewers Can See “My Name Is” 2023Free via Signal tv snail, All they need to do is connect to channel 132 on DirectTV, 1006 on Claro and channel 5 on Tigo.

Where can I watch “Yo Me Llamo” 2023 for free outside Colombia?

If you don’t live in Colombia, you must do this Download Caracol Play App To see the reality of singing. This app is available for Android and iOS,

Caracol Play is available for Android and iOS users. photo capture.

What are the names of the jury of “My Name” 2023?

Accredited Jury Member The Colombian singing reality show “Yo Me Llamo” is due in 2023:

  • Argentine musician, composer and music director Caesar Escola
  • Colombian actress and model amparo grisailles
  • Colombian actor, singer-songwriter and musician pipe is good

Who is Stephanie Zabaleta?

Stephanie Zabaleta participated in “My Name Is”, 2018 edition, And she was the winner of the first season of “La Descarga”, one of the most watched reality shows in Colombia.

Former “My Name” Contestant Opens Up and Tells Her Life Story, Due to her participation in singing competitions, she was able to fulfill her dream.

Where was “my name” born?

The successful format of the program, which owns the ratings in Colombia since 2011, was created by Endemol, a company founded in the Netherlands. Its success was such that the format spread to 47 countries on 5 continents, including Colombian soil.

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