Bad Bunny is sued by his ex-girlfriend Carliz De la Cruz

The world of entertainment and music has been shaken by tremendous news of the lawsuit that Puerto Rican singer Benito Martínez Ocasio, also known as Bad Bunny, would be facing. This is due to the alleged unauthorized use of a phrase that his ex-girlfriend, Carliz De la Cruz Hernández, recorded for him in 2016.

The song for which this recording was used, in which the recording of his ex-girlfriend can be heard, is entitled: “Pa Ti”, in which the Puerto Rican collaborates with Bryant Myers. The music video accumulates just over 358 million views and on Spotify, more than 235 million views.

It was the Noticel, a Puerto Rican news site, that released the news of the lawsuit, which states that it was also used in his most recent studio album, titled “Un Verano Sin Ti,” specifically in the song “Dos Mil 16”, in which the recording of Carliz De la Cruz Hernández can also be heard as an intro.

The singer’s ex-girlfriend would be asking for 40 million dollars for the unauthorized use of her voice. Likewise, it is also noted that Noah Kamil Assad Byrne, his manager, was sued.

The love story of Bad Bunny and Carliz De la Cruz Hernández

The couple began their relationship in 2011 and the phrase was recorded when the Puerto Rican singer asked her to record herself saying said phrase in 2015. Therefore, Carliz went to the bathroom of her friend’s house to do so, and later sent the audio to the singer. .

In January 2016, El Conejo Malo asked Carliz to marry him. The wedding was supposed to take place in June of that year, but Bad Bunny was signed off and Carliz was accepted to the University of Puerto Rico to study law. And two months before the wedding, the couple separated, in May of that same year.

So in that same year the phrase was also used for the song, but there was no retaliation because in 2017 they both returned, but their love did not last long, since they separated again.

It was not until 2022 that bad Bunny’s lawyer contacted the girl, offering her $2,000 to buy the recording and use it on the album “A Summer Without You”. For her part, “Rhymes entertainment”, contacted her to try to negotiate the acquisition of the audio rights, but she did not accept.

Despite this refusal, the audio was used again in the song Two thousand 16. Therefore, Carliz would have filed a complaint against the singer for the unauthorized use of his voice.

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