Bad Bunny loses suit for plagiarism of “Safaera” and only gets 1% of the profits

Despite the great success that “Safaera” has obtained since its release, the song has also given Bad Bunny, Jowell, Randy and Ñengo Flow headaches, as they only get 1% of the profits.

This is due to the lawsuit won by rapper Missy Elliott, who sued the famous Puerto Rican artist. for using a part of his song “Get Ur Freak On” without his consent, which she discovered on her own.

“I have to tell you the truth, we do not monetize it, is that there we made some huge mistakes with production”, he stated in an interview with Jorge Pabón “Molusco”, Jowell, who composed a part of the successful song that in 2021 was included in the list of the best 500 songs in the history of Rolling Stone magazine.

“He had everything written, the track, the lyrics, everything”, Jowell said of the song that only on YouTube exceeds 329 million views.

“Safaera” became one of Bad Bunny’s most important songs. Part of the album “YHLQMDLG”, Grammy winner for Best Latin Pop or Urban Album.

In the legal conflict between the rapper and the reggaeton player, Noah Assad, who is the founder of the Rimas Entertainment record label, had to intervene. Assad managed to reach an agreement with Missy Elliott where Bad Bunny, Jowell, Randy and Ñengo Flow only receive 1% of the total earnings of the song.

In addition to Missy’s lawsuit, AOM Music also denounced the urban artist for having used fragments of three songs belonging to DJ Playero, however, Bad Bunny claims “no knowledge” of this.

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