Bad Bunny surprises his fans by announcing a new song on WhatsApp

bAnito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, better known as bad bunnyIt has been a 2023 full of successes thanks to his songs and collaborations with great artists, which have not stopped playing even on digital platforms and radio.

With just over 100 days left until the end of this year, Puerto Ricans might as well take a well-deserved vacation in good company Kendall Jenner, But that won’t happen, because he will soon release a new song for his millions of fans in Latin America.

Interpreter of “Titi asked me” used your channel WhatsApp To share the following messages with your followers: “Okay, you remember I was going to tell you something… I don’t know if this will make you happy or what, but I’m going to release another song this year… and it will be released before September At the end of.”

Bad Bunny: Songs in 2023

This will be the third topic bad bunny It will then premiere in 2023 “unx100two” with border group And “Where does she go?” During the first half of this year.

To date, the first official video has been viewed 512 million times youtubeWhile another 130 million views confirm the unparalleled success of both the songs.

Latin Grammy Nominations 2023

for the version of latin grammy 2023Which will take place on Thursday, November 16 in Seville, Spain, benito antonio It was nominated in the following five categories:

Song of the year: “Unx100to” with Grupo Frontera.

Best Regional Mexican Songs: “Unx100to” with Grupo Frontera.

Best Urban Fusion/Performance: “La Jampa” with Archangel.

Best Urban Song: “La Jampa” with Archangel.

Best Rap/Hip-Hop Song: “Coco Chanel” with Eladio Carrion.

acting career

After debuting as an actor in the film “Bullet Train” In 2022, bad bunny Returning to the big screen in 2023 by participating in “Cassandro”Mexican wrestler biographical film starring Gael Garcia Bernal,

saul armendarizreal name of “Cassandro” He was one of the first fighters at the time to declare himself openly gay.

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