Bad Bunny throws a hint at Kendall Jenner’s ex with his latest song


03/18/2023 at 20:03


For several weeks now, it has been said that Bad Bunny and kendall jenner they are together. No one has been able to confirm it despite the fact that there are several photographs of both in a very close and affectionate attitude. However, the last movement of the Puerto Rican could have changed everything and made it quite clear that he does, that he maintains a relationship with kendall jenner.

Or that at least the influencer is more than a friend. Because more than a week ago several sources confirmed the romance despite the fact that none of them have spoken.

Coco Chanel, the new Bad Bunny song with Eladio Carroncontains a taunt directed especially at Devin Bookerthe ex-boyfriend of kendall jenner:”but the Puerto Rican sun is hotter than the Phoenix sun“. Clear, Devin Brooker played in the phoenix suns, the NBA team of this city.

In this way, among the more than 4 million reproductions that accumulates Coco Chanel At this time, more than one and more than two have commented on the aforementioned video pointing in this direction: Bad Bunny would have confirmed his relationship with kendall jenner sending a hidden message to the ex of the Kardashian.

Of course, although the romance has been confirmed, the couple has not been seen officially for the moment. I don’t think the long-awaited image will take long to arrive, because there are many journalists and paparazzi who have followed Bad Bunny and kendall jenner during the last hours.

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