bad news for fans, the reboot of the cult series put “on hold”

This is likely to disappoint fans of buffy the vampire slayer ! The reboot of the cult series is now “on break”, as revealed by the project’s executive producer.

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More than twenty years after the first broadcast of buffy the vampire slayerthe now cult series continues to fascinate fans, who can rediscover it in its entirety on Disney+. A few years ago, they had learned of the development of a reboot of the vampiric fiction. New episodes marked by the absence of Sarah Michelle Gellar, the interpreter of Buffy Summers. “I think what’s so interesting about how we left the show is that any girl who wants power can have it. It’s not for me to do, because the Buffy I played in was the story of a teenage girl. I’m clearly not a teenager anymore“, had explained the star to Showbiz Cheat Sheet. Unfortunately for fans, the reboot of buffy the vampire slayer won’t be coming out anytime soon. Executive producer Gail Berman revealed in a podcast that the project is now “on break.

What to expect from the reboot of buffy the vampire slayer?

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When the reboot of buffy was announced, on the sidelines of Comic-Con in 2018, many fans were worried about the outcome of this new project. But the screenwriter and showrunner, Monica Owusu-Breen wanted to reassure them by indicating that the characters of the original series could not “not to be replaced” and that she “would not attempt to replicate the brilliant and beautiful series” of the 1990s. And to add: “The world seems a lot scarier today. So maybe it’s time to meet a new slayer.”

Will Zendaya be in the cast of buffy the vampire slayer?

If the cast of the reboot has not yet been revealed, Sarah Michelle Gellar said she wanted to see Zendaya take over the role of Buffy Summers. “I vote Zendaya to play Buffy”, had launched the actress during an interview with Evan Ross Katz, the author of a retrospective on the vampire series. For the moment, nothing indicates the presence of Zendaya in the casting of the reboot. It must be said that the young woman has a busy schedule. Between the filming of the second part of Dunes and that ofEuphorianot sure that the darling of Tom Holland has time for the shots of the reboot of buffy

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