Baggiovara hospital, stomach ‘lacerated’ after the Easter Monday barbecue and water and bicarbonate

Easter Monday with the friends of a 43-year-old from Modena was about to end in tragedy. After a barbecue and a few beers with friends, and a family pizza for dinner, he ended up in the hospital with a gastric laceration after drinking sparkling water and baking soda. Two whole tablespoons, to digest. A three-hour operation was required at the hospital in Baggiovara to save his life. The story is reported by the Resto del Carlino of Modena.

Gastric perforation for a 43-year-old from Modena


Lithuania, man had a kilo of nails and screws in his stomach

The man said he went to the hospital following severe pain on Easter Monday evening, around 10.50pm. The first diagnostic suspect was acute pancreatitis. Only later did a gastric perforation emerge. So the man was operated on by the team of emergency surgeons Andrea Lanzani and Pasquale Russo, led by doctor Micaela Piccoli, who performed a subtotal gastric resection, before being transferred to intensive care, directed by doctor Elisabetta Bertellini. A week later, the patient underwent a second surgery, which allowed for the placement of a power jejunostomy. He is currently hospitalized in emergency surgery, awaiting a final surgery that will attempt to reconstruct his stomach.

Surgeons: “Pay attention to mixing foods”

“It is necessary to pay great attention to nutrition, not only to the amount of food that is ingested, but also to what foods are mixed”, explained Piccoli, and then underlined: “The ingestion of large quantities of sodium bicarbonate, with the distended stomach, full of air, food and liquids, is an important factor in gastric rupture, because it causes the release of hundreds of milliliters of gas, in less than three minutes. In our case, in addition to the stomach filled with food, bicarbonate it was taken with soda. This type of perforation is rare but, if not diagnosed quickly, has a high mortality rate (75%). ” The 43-year-old says he felt “a sort of explosion, a strong pressure in the stomach, as if there had been a laceration. I immediately understood that something serious had happened,” he concluded.

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