Banner of the Curva B of Naples in Paris against Le Figaro!

PSG-Nantes, banner of the Neapolitan Curva B in Paris against Le Figaro!  |  PHOTO

Napoli fans in Paris together with PSG ultras: response banner against Le Figaro, who had described Naples as a third world

The colleagues of Le Figaro were the authors of a derogatory article on the city of Naples that has caused a lot of chatter in recent days. “Third world”, so the Parisian press had described the Neapolitan city. Now the response of the ultras of Curva B has arrived.

Neapolitans in Paris for PSG-Nantes

The thing did not go down to the ultras of Curva B who are in Paris at the moment for the twinning with the ultras of PSG. In fact, the K-Soce ultras celebrate the thirty-year anniversary of their Curva and for the occasion the Neapolitans have also been invited to the celebrations: a large Maradona flag stands out in the curve and a banner of the Curva has been placed on the sidelines B.

During the match of the French against Nantes which is taking place at the moment, a banner against the French press appeared

“Le Figaro toilet paper”.

Look at the attached photo!

Curve B Naples in Paris

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