Banner on Bonucci rekindles the controversy over the Juve defender

The controversy about Bonucci does not seem to subside after the facts relating to the Super Cup, with the violent outburst of the Juventus defender against the Inter secretary Mozzillo and the subsequent fine of 10 thousand euros sanctioned by the Sports Judge. The Inter North curve is throwing fuel on the fire, hanging up an explicit banner: “Bonucci, if you want to be a rogue, we will be waiting for you at the cowardly idiot bar”.

Juventus fans condemn the banner against Bonucci

In a few hours the web is unleashed, with the Juventus players condemning and making fun of the initiative of the Nerazzurri fans: “Where are the fans outraged by the banner at Donnarumma? What was the story of “unacceptable threats” like? ” or also: “Instead of inviting him as a curve… write your name one by one and invite him like this. Out of the sheep mass “or:” The ultras make me die. There are some who are the worst thugs but they write rhyming banners that look like nursery rhymes “

The people of the web splits on Bonucci’s attitude

Reactions floundered: “In a serious country, with a serious federation and a Serious League, Bonucci takes 10 days. Here he is not even deferred, a fine of 10ml euro “or even:” You cannot attack a person because he rejoices, aggression is not acceptable. Unfortunately also on this occasion the brave Bonucci will remain unpunished, but the club has taken measures that I know of ”.

There are those who observe: “Attacking Bonucci’s attitude goes beyond cheering. This is deplorable behavior, considering the fact that he plays for the national team and often carries the armband of captain. In addition to being an example, in this negative case, of many children “

However, not a few take the player’s defense: “You criticized him because he went to Milan without forgiving him and now it is convenient for you to be beside him: I have always been on Bonucci’s side, forgiving him as soon as I knew he could come back. This is another one you will regret “

For Chirico, the Bonucci case must be resized

Finally, the opinion of the journalist-fan Marcello Chirico: “Leonardo Bonucci he made a mistake and in fact will rightly pay a hefty fine for his reaction. You have to understand what he was yelled at to make him sneak like this. The Nerazzurri provocateur should not have been there, close to the Juventus bench, and in fact the Inter club was also fined ”.

“The one seen at San Siro – he concluded – was certainly not a good one curtain, however, in other game endings we also saw worse scenes, with real punches and kicks. Like the unforgettable fight in Valencia ”.


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