Baptiste Giabiconi swings on his relationship with Katy Perry (VIDEO)

This Sunday, October 23, 2022, Baptiste Giabiconi made sacred secrets about his relationship with star Katy Perry, on Michou’s YouTube channel.

The rumor has finally been confirmed by the principal concerned. In 2012, the media loaned French model Baptiste Giabiconi a relationship with American singer Katy Perry, now in a relationship with actor Orlando Bloom. At the time, photos of the two stars together ignited the celebrity press. And it took almost 10 years to know the end of the story.

Baptiste Giabiconi swings on his relationship with Katy Perry

This Saturday, October 22, 2022, the youtuber Michou, whose salary has just been revealed, posted a new video on his channel, entitled “MYTHO OR NOT?! (Ft. Camille Combal, Baptiste Giabiconi)”. A concept in which he and his guests must tell several anecdotes, and then vote for those who believe to be a heinous lie. During the game, the three friends had to submit a file on the theme “date”.

If the animator Camille Combal told the incredible way in which he met his wife and mother of his first child, the muse of Karl Lagerfeld, decided to talk about his relationship with Katy Perry. The model revealed that the star’s agent contacted her at the time to get her a place in the Chanel show. It was in 2012.

If the singer was particularly cold with the young man at the event, she called him the self to apologize and invite him for a drink.

“I had a crazy night with her”

“I arrive at the Plaza Athénée, I drink this shot, we have a very, very good time, very nice, we laugh, I kiss him a little. I spent a crazy night with her, I’ll spare you the details. We had some amazing times and I stayed with her for three months, it was just crazy, and that ended very well.”revealed Baptiste Giabiconi, facing Camille Combal and Michou dumbfounded.

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