Bárbara Nuñezt dresses up as Wonder Woman and her fans compare her to Gal Gadot

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Bárbara Nuñez Treviño, better known as Bárbara Nuñezt, is an influencer who likes to share her best tiktoks and photos with his followers. One of his images stands out for his comparison with the famous actress Gal Gadotthis for Barbara’s costume from Wonder Woman.

The Mexican She managed to position herself on social networks for her charisma and beautyand so far she has a presence on several platforms, the same ones on which she shared a video and a photo as Wonder Woman.

They compare Bárbara Nuñezt with Gal Gadot

Who looks better? Is the question asked by fans of the regal and some Internet users who were commenting on this comparison. Barbara’s pose on her Instagram has more than 95 thousand likesand although his photograph is not recent, it came to light through one of his tiktoks where he revived his character by putting on his accessories on camera.

The Marvel heroine has become fashionable, and not precisely because of a new installment on the screen; is by the Mexican who decided to give away the following images on the Asian video platform.

“Hello, Come with me to dress up as Wonder Woman. First we’ll put this on, which I’m going to fasten without you seeing because it’s a bit difficult. We already have the first part, ”she said after a cut in the clip.

“With you the skirt, miniskirt. I have to confess that these things fall to me -wrist protectors- so I’m not going to use them ok, I’m sorry, they fall off, “he commented at the end of the video.

Bárbara Nuñezt put Wonder Woman on trend with her costume. Photo: @barbie.nunezt

Bárbara Nuñezt dressed as ‘Spider Woman’

It seems that one of the Nuñezt’s likes are comic book characters from the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse (MCU for its acronym in English), as he was also seen lipsyncing a movie scene with the red and blue suit on.

This technique is quite used by the influencer, who repeatedly we see him do this exercise of performing his videos with external audio. Wow, that worked pretty well for you.

The truth is that tastes break genres, and always open who prefers Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and those who turn to see a new and fresh version as given in this case by the 25-year-old Bárbara Nuñezt.

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