Barbie and Feminism, Light and Shadow, by Ada Lalourado

The rise of feminism has affected all areas of our lives including the audio-visual world. Clear examples of this are the development of the four ‘Toy Story’ films from 1995 to 2019, most notably the cowboy doll Bo Peep; Or profiling the heroes of ‘everything at once’, which would have been unimaginable years ago.

It’s a victory for feminism that today a film like ‘Barbie’ wouldn’t have been successful without it women empowerment perspective, But it is also true that ‘Barbie product’ affects the society. I think one of the goals of the film is for us women to agree on what this doll represents. Barbie was created by Ruth Handler with the idea of ​​taking girls away from traditional dolls. And represents an independent woman. but funny, barbie was Inspired by Lili, a character from a stereotypically masculine German comic stripMade by a man, who later became a doll to satisfy male adult desire.

In feminism, a critical eye is basic, valuing and acknowledging progress and successes, but also analyzing mistakes and losses. in this sense it is important ‘Barbie’ criticized by teenagers in high school picnic area in film, On the other hand, it is a success to establish Barbieland as a society where she is the protagonist and owner of everything, and where Ken is a secondary character, complementing and even dependent on Barbie, who is out of place. is outside. Initially ignoring Ken is a humorous way of showing the men what it is like to feel subservient because of gender. in society. In the pink world, women are able to fend for themselves perfectly and protect themselves.

warrior and canon

But, the ideal of beauty remains intact in the film.and has been reproduced through a great actress and producer, a woman of flesh and blood, Margot Robbie: Currently the highest paid woman in HollywoodAlthough he hasn’t earned much from a secondary actor, Ryan Gosling, Well, his age, 42, hasn’t penalized him for representing Kane, even though he is 10 years older than the actress. In short, the film does not fundamentally question this idealized and consumerist world (without social or climate criticism) through the stereotypical Barbie. You can leave the theater satisfied because Barbie is cool and warriorbut you can also come up with the same idea what it is lifestyle to be followed And the model of the ideal woman: Western beauty theory, which is not universal, although it seems impossible to us.

Aesthetic principles continue to play a fundamental role in generating complexes., low self-esteem, eating disorders, and ultimately, not paying attention to what’s really important to take control of our bodies and our lives. In this sense, the character of Gloria (America Ferrera) gives a great speech about what is expected of women And the frustration of not being able to achieve it, because it is so contradictory and impossible. Gloria has the idea of ​​doing a normal Barbie, and it sounds like a great proposition, but the reality is that the stereotypical Barbie is an ideal, an unattainable goal. So it would be impossible to nail down this generic Barbie, as she would have to represent all women of all sizes, ages, shapes and colors. The new prototype should have no beauty model to follow and therefore, it would cease to be a Barbie.

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