‘Barbie’ hits Lebanese screens after controversial censorship attempt

The movie “Barbie” finally arrived in theaters in Lebanon today, after a week’s delay and overcoming a controversial censorship effort by a minister who saw “homosexuality-promoting” content in the box office hit.

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At the central Beirutian cinema, dozens of young people, many of them wearing pink or clothes bearing the logo of the famous Mattel doll, waited for a long time before the session started, despite the fact that all tickets were sold in advance.

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“It’s a childhood dream, I think for everyone, it’s very exciting to wait for ‘Barbie’ a week later,” Yasmina, a spectator, told EFE. “We want to know what it is that everyone is talking about.” Is talking.” 21 years old.

She adds, “I’m not the person who wears pink clothes, but today I wore pink (…) I wore it to feel young again,” she candidly shares with her friend. Looking animated, she too was wearing a fuchsia dress.

About 1 month ago, Lebanon’s Culture Minister, Mohamed Mourtada, ordered a ban on the screening of the film, noting that it “promotes homosexuality” and goes against the “moral and family values” prevalent in Lebanon.

Mourtada then issued a circular in which he asked General Security to take “all necessary measures” to prevent the film, directed by Greta Gerwig, from being released in the country, where its premiere was initially scheduled for August 31. .

However, the Lebanese censorship committee disagreed with the minister’s opinion and “Barbie” finally arrived in the country’s cinemas today, having been in charge of announcing it on their respective billboards without appearing before the authorities to clarify the controversy.

Yasmina believed the minister was trying to avoid possible “negative” repercussions in Lebanon, but defended that “at the same time all Lebanese should see the reality” and that many people would like to visit “other cultures” when they travel. Will be equally familiar with.

Although Lebanon is considered one of the countries Less conservative and with greater freedom of expression in the regionThe controversy over the film starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling comes at a difficult time for the LGTBI community.

Just two weeks earlier, a group of suspected Christian extremists had attacked a Beirutian bar frequented by community members, shouting against homosexuality and even beating some of the attendees.

Hostile rhetoric against them has increased in the past month, when Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the Shia group Hezbollah, railed against homosexual relationships in more than one public speech, going so far as to say that those who participate in them should be ” Should be killed”.


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