‘Barbie’, up for an Oscar: these are the categories for which it has been presented to be able to sweep in 2024 LOS40

since barbie As the box office success began to materialize, it became clear that this was one of the most astonishing cinematographic phenomena of recent years. However, before being released – and above all, because they knew how to create expectations – It already smells like awards season: Its director was already an Oscar regular, not to mention its heroes.

greta gerwig has already been nominated for ladybug in the categories of Best Original Screenplay and Direction, as well as little Women This was for Best Adapted Screenplay. their heroes, Ryan Gosling And margot robbiehas received nomination for half Nelson And La la Land And I, Tonya And contingency, respectively. It is evident, his work in barbie It has been so prominent that no one considers it inappropriate that they be nominated in any category.

But the path is becoming shorter as American media confirms Diversity, Which shows that Warner has presented the film in various categories of Oscar awards. It will be the Academy that will have the last word and will decide by voting whether or not it should be included in the nominations of the 96th edition of the awards, but it is undoubtedly the most striking.

According to what was published, The potential nomination regarding the script breaks the dilemma that began its launch in theaters. After the ‘based on Mattel’s Barbie’ that could be read in the film’s credits, it was not very clear whether it should be considered an adapted script or an original script; However since the one shown has never been published before, another will be chosen.

Music can cover two categories, Best Original Song and Best Soundtrack. It is clear that after receiving a few songs of the summer he can qualify for a statue, so the media highlights being able to present three What am I made for? Of billie eilish And this i’m just ken explained by Ryan Gosling Practically as safe. For the third, they say remarkable pink Of lizzo, barbie world Of Nicki Minaj, Ice Spice And Water and attractive dance the night awayOf dua lipa,

your most prestigious nomination

The trio of Gerwig, Robbie, and Gosling being nominated in categories will provide something to talk about. Ryan will win Best Supporting Actor, something audiences have been asking for since they saw him in black as Kane and he confirmed it after a performance that perfectly captured the supporting role of dolls in Barbie’s lives. Ordained; While Margot could make history by becoming the second woman to be nominated for Best Actress and Best Picture in the same year, Thanks to his role as producer.

Gerwig could reprise the original direction and screenplay, which she would share noah baumbach, his co-author and partner. otherwise, It may also be present in the best production design, photography, costumes, editing, makeup and hairstyling, sound and visual effects; Rewards you can also choose from oppenheimer and he will give us barbiheimer Fixed.

barbie Available in theatres.

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