Barbie: what else to watch if you liked the movie

Stanley Kubrick gives us a vision of the (not so distant) future that gives us goosebumps. This reflective analysis of human evolution, its successes and its mistakes, is mixed with an incredible and admirable space landscape from before man even landed on the Moon. Gerwig takes much more than a cute reference at the beginning of her film, and reminds us to revisit this great story that begins when a strange monolith appears buried in the surface of Earth's satellite. When it is confirmed that the source of this "thing" is on the planet Jupiter, a mission led by humans (and with the help of an artificial intelligence) will be in charge of solving the mystery of its true origin.

What to watch if you like barbie?  odyssey in space

no idea ,no newsnineteen ninety five)

it's the nineties version of Emma A scathing satire on 1980s teen movies and the quaint life of Beverly Hills, Jane Austen Barbie has a roadmap of some of her visual highlights, including her costume design and staging. The cult classic directed by Amy Heckerling focuses on the most popular girls in school, a clique led by Cher (Alicia Silverstone), whose only concern is always staying fashionable. Of course, there is room for the social and emotional problems of the upper class, as even wealthy teens tend to be irritable.

Splash (1984)

The "fish out of water" premise applies to both Margot's Barbie and Daryl Hannah's mermaid in this very loose adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen classic. Ron Howard surrounds himself with young talent to tell the story of Alan Bauer (Tom Hanks), an eternal romantic who fails to find true love and becomes a little lost in the ideals and fantasies of his past. Everything changes when he meets Madison/Mermaid, an equally loving ideal girl, who decides to come and wander the streets of New York in search of her 'prince'. An adventure full of perils, hilarious moments and some role reversals.

What to watch if you like barbie?  Splash
touchstone films

We can't talk about Barbie without mentioning yet another adventure inspired by toys. Pixar's first film is many things, but above all, one friend movie Centers on two dolls with very different personalities (and egos) who must learn to work as a team in order to return safely to their owner's hands. Woody and Buzz taught us that true friendship goes to infinity and beyond, and stories from the study of the light bulb aren't just limited to little kids. special mention for the great lego adventure (The Lego Movie, 2014), which parallels Gerwig's success as well... and we're not just talking about Will Ferrell's character (*wink, wink).

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