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On the occasion of the theatrical release of ‘Bardo’, the new film by Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu, we bring back the best works by director of photography Darius Khondji.

Throughout his career, the director of photography Darius Chondji has achieved a balance between the classical and the experimental. One day he gets an Oscar nomination for capturing the images of a traditional biopic as avoid (starring Madonna and Antonio Banderas) and the next day he portrays the nocturnal and perverse landscapes bathed in neon lights in the monumental series Too Old to Die Young by Nicolas Winding Refn.

Whether to reflect the horror of the fantastic in Alien: Resurrection by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, or the crisis of capitalism, the environment and the food industry in ok by Bong Joon Ho, the Iranian-born cinematographer has built a prestigious career collaborating with the best authors of today’s cinema.


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The visual aspect of Seven by David Fincher has helped make the film so iconic. It’s a movie that feels dirty, cold and raw; balances the everyday world with gloomy atmospheres that quickly turn into nightmares that accompany the hunt undertaken by Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt.

‘purple nights’

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One of the best creative pairings of director and cinematographer in contemporary cinema is Wong Kar-wai and Christopher Doyle. and for sample The ashes in time Y Chungking Express. Khondji had a huge challenge when he replaced Doyle to film purple nights and it did not disappoint. His dreamy, neon-drenched photography creates melancholic atmospheres that accompany the characters. by Norah Jones, Jude Law and Natalie Portman.

‘Midnight in Paris’


Over the past 15 years, Khondji has collaborated on several Woody Allen films, including From Rome with Love, magic in the moonlight Y an irrational man. But together they achieved a perfect balance in managing tonalities in Midnight in Paris. Whether we are in the 2010s, 1920s or 1890s, Khondji’s visual work manages to transport the viewer to each of those times.



animate is a 15-minute short film, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, that includes three songs from the album animate by Thom Yorke (vocalist for Radiohead) and the brilliant choreography by Damien Jalet. The short could be considered as a promotional trick for an album, but that would be to lose the art and ambition of a work that ranges from the experimental to the narrative through the hypnotic.

‘Bard, false chronicle of a few truths’


Shot on 65mm, Bardthe most recent film by Alejandro G. Iñárritu, it is dazzling in its beauty, astonishing in its splendor, and awe-inspiring in the way it draws awe from the everyday.. Iñárritu’s penchant for sequence shots is present, although less so than in Birdman either the rebornwhile Khondji’s work gives it a fluid nature akin to floating in a dream.

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