Barnaby Joyce, Australian politician, asks to imprison Amber Heard for the crime of perjury

After being affected by the verdict of the trial she faced against her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, Amber Heard continues to be involved in problems with the law; on this occasion, the Australian politician Barnaby Joyce asks to jail to the actress of Aquaman if you are found to have perjured yourself -swear falsely- for a case that occurred in 2015.

What was the case that Amber Heard faced in Australia?

During a 2015 trip to Queensland, Australia, Heard brought her two puppies called Pistol and Boo -both Yorkshire Terriers- without having carried out any customs procedure to allow them entry, despite the fact that the Oceanian country has a strict quarantine policy, because before allowing them free entry they had to be 10 days under observation.

For the above, Heard was accused of illegal importation of animals twice -once for each canine-, although after pleading guilty to falsifying documents during that trip before the courts, the case was closed.

In fact, Joyece, who was then minister of agriculture, insisted on euthanizing the dogs if they were not sent back to the United States, although this did not happen.

Barnaby Joyce goes over Amber Heard

After it became known that the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment of Australia “Is investigating the Mrs. Heard’s perjury allegations During the legal proceedings carried out in 2015 for the illegal importation of her two dogs to Australia”, a situation that keeps the case “on-going”, Joyce has been forceful in her intention to punish the 36-year-old actress.

“When those dogs entered -to Australia- there were many signed documents that said there were no animals there -with Amber-. And now it seems that Mrs Heard supposedly has not told the truth”, he expressed this Thursday in an interview, according to the DailyMail.

Perjury carries a maximum prison sentence of 14 years in Australiahowever, it is ruled out that the actress of Diary of a seducer be extradited to Australia, even if could be arrested if she tries to return over there.

When asked what would happen to Heard if she were found guilty of perjury, Joyce replied: “It’s up to the Americans.”

The politician later joked that he would look after Amber’s pets if she were jailed in Australia: “Send them here […] Let’s see if we can knock down some old ‘rubbing’ […] I’ll take care of that, my namesake Barnaby, he’ll be safe with me.”

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