BASEBALL – MLB teams sign four prospects from the Mícalo Bermúdez Baseball Academy

Four of the talents being developed at the Mícalo Bermúdez Baseball Academy in Tamboril were signed by major league teams with significant bonuses including two of the top 30 class of 2022 prospects list.

The prospects that were officially signed this January 15 in Santo Domingo received between two of them three and a half million dollars in bonuses, catapulting the main Cibao baseball academy through which great talents have passed, including the recently named rookie of the year of the American League in the Major Leagues Julio Rodríguez.

The Mícalo Bermúdez Baseball Academy in Tamboril is a member of the MLB Coaches Association Program.

Luis Ayden Almeyda is a shortstop ranked at number 20 among the best prospects in the Class of 2022, signed with the Baltimore Orioles for a bonus of two million five hundred thousand dollars US$2,500,000, ShortStop.

Nationally and internationally, Almeyda is defined as a young family member in amateur baseball circles after having performed well in the United States and the Dominican Republic.

His scouting report highlights that he has good speed for his height (6-foot-2), with a chance to become a five-tool player through development.

As with many big middle infielders, there’s a chance Almeyda could outrun shortstop and eventually move to third base, but adjusting to a new position shouldn’t be an issue.

He’s a smart hitter with a good focus at the plate and a slew of at-bats to his credit thanks to his time in the United States.

He plays solid defense, largely due to his soft hands, good footwork, and internal clock, projecting a plus arm as defined in the new baseball, and highly praised for his IQ, or baseball IQ.

Ángel Cepeda is a shortstop ranked at number 19 among the best prospects in the Class of 2022, signed for a US $1,000,000 million dollar bonus with the Chicago Cubs.

Cepeda signed as shortstop but can perform very naturally also at second and third base which looks very mature on both sides of the field both offensively and defensively which is athletic enough that he has the ability to even play in the field center field according to his scouting report.

Cepeda is a very polished hitter who can hit the ball deep and has displayed an above average power tool and has the potential to hit in the middle of a lineup.

Among his qualities, it stands out that his offensive prowess is above his defense, but his versatility and athleticism will keep him on the field due to his IQ or baseball intelligence quotient.

Another of the prospects signed at the Mícalo Bermúdez Baseball Academy was outfielder Joseph Díaz with the Philadelphia Phillies, who was defined as a player with a lot of power in his bat and a good arm.

Also from this academy they signed right-handed pitcher Junior González, who signed for the Anaheim Angels defined by having good command of his pitches and a good combination of pitches.

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