BASEBALL – Seven Dominicans exceed 450 home runs in MLB

It was the afternoon of Sunday, April 10 in Washington, the Nationals, as homeowners, faced the New York Mets in view of 23,158 fans, little attendance, but enough to witness a date with history.

The native of Las Matas de Santa Cruz, Montecristi, Nelson Cruz, would hit his first home run of 2022 during said game, a shot that would leave the field to the stands in center field with a speed of 109 miles per hour and 403 feet away, as response to a sinker thrown by the Venezuelan Carlos Carrasco.

That home run has a pleasant impact on Cruz’s career, as well as on the historical lists of the Major Leagues, who is ranked number 40 for life in MLB for his now 450 full-round clubs, surpassing the members of the Hall of Fame Jeff Bagwell and Vladimir Guerrero, both with whom he tied for the 449 career home run mark.

Dominicans with 450 homers in the Major Leagues

After the arrival of Nelson Cruz at 450 homers for life, the club of baseball players from Quito who have reached such a majestic mark is enlarged to seven members.

The list is headed by the Dominican-American Alex Rodríguez, a famous player who hit 696 home runs in his 22-year career in the best baseball league in the world, also occupying the fourth position in home runs of all time.

Pegadito de Rodríguez, the next member of the hall of immortals, Albert Pujols, is ranked fifth for life for his 679 majaguazos.

Sammy Sosa, 609; Manny Ramirez, 555; David Ortiz, 541; Adrian Beltre, 477; and Nelson Cruz, 450, are until today the seven Dominicans who reach the mark of 450 home runs or more in their respective careers in the MLB.

next to arrive

The third baseman of Dominican descent and native of Florida, Manny Machado, seems to be the next representative from Quisqueyano who could reach the milestone, a player who, at 29 years old, will play his eleventh season in 2022, who at the moment accumulates 251 home runs in his career. race.

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