Battle Cry of Freedom Gets Page on Steam Almost 9 Years After Announcement


In 2012, the developers of the Napoleonic Wars add-on for Mount & Blade: Warband from the studio Flying Squirrel Entertainment announced the historical combat simulator Battle Cry of Freedom.

Its events were supposed to unfold during the American Civil War. The authors promised large maps of 25 square kilometers, historically accurate weapons and uniforms, destructible environments, and support for 500 players in online battles.

These nine years, Flying Squirrel Entertainment has been actively covering the development of the game on its website, but only now has Battle Cry of Freedom received a page on Steam. On it, the authors promise:

  • the ability to change or repeat the history of the American Civil War;
  • the ability to join the battle on the side of the Union or Confederation;
  • support for up to 300 players;
  • 14 realistic and destructible battlegrounds and randomly generated maps;
  • different types of troops (infantry, artillery, and engineers);
  • 120 types of weapons, 70 types of ammunition, and 20 pieces of artillery;
  • close combat with bayonets with the ability to choose the direction of blows and blocks;
  • customizable appearance;
  • dynamic change of weather and time of day;
  • in-game map editor;
  • and much more.

The release of Battle Cry of Freedom is scheduled for 2022.


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