Bayern beat Freiburg with 12 players on the field

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East Saturday the bayern Munich defeated Freiburg by a landslideHowever, could lose all three points on the tablesince he committed an act that is not allowed in world football: having 12 players at the same time over the field.

This situation could cost the Bavarian team dearly whatwith more individuals than football scored four goals against modest Freiburgwhich is fighting for fifth place in the Bundesliga to play the Europa League.

The problem occurred at minute 85when Julian Nagelsmann made the decision to take to eat and Tolisso so that Sule will enter and Sabitzer instead. However, one of the players of Bayern did not notice of the situation, so they were 12 footballers on the pitch for 11 seconds.

The duel was not played in this waysince the referee noticed that the Bavarian team had 12 players on the pitch, so stopped the game until the substitute left the field.

At the time the arbitration made no determination about what Bayern did, however, it is very likely that this situation will be defined in the coming days by the judges.

If the defeat of Bayern materializes this would go down in the history books as a 2-0 in favor of Freiburg and with the three points would tie Leipzig with 48with the aim of fighting for the fourth and last place in the Champions League.

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