Be careful: 94 health conditions are increasing among the people of Puebla this 2023. Puebla Municipalities

Of 140 diseases partner health sector in city, 94 cases increased during first half of 2023and paintings of them Dengue, malignant tumors, bites and influenza,

These are the 5 main causes of death among the PueblansPoblanos suffer from respiratory diseasesThis has been said in a report prepared by the Institute for Municipal Management, Administration and Liaison.igavim), where it is clear that there are significant degradation cases COVID-19,

In data obtained from information Health Secretary State, it is noted that dengue with warning signs It increased from 5 cases in the first half of 2022 to 137 in the first half of 2023, a 2,640 percent increase.

meanwhile he non severe dengue It increased from 45 to 859 positives, a difference of 1,808.89 percent.

attention of malignant tumorsSuch as MotherWhich increased from 61 to 173 percent to 167.

However, in the case of types of prostate, kidney, trachea, colon, uterus, esophagus, stomach, liver, ovaries, pancreas, bones and brain, There was no case last year And by 2023 they will be in different quantities.

snake bites The number of various mammals increased from 205 to 295 (43.9%) and the number of dogs increased from 2,964 to 3,737 (26%).

Other cases are:

Transport accidents involving motor vehicles, from 4,043 to 4,642 (14.82%)

Alcoholic liver cirrhosis, from 155 to 206 (32.90%)

Conjunctivitis, from 11,483 to 20,931, (82.28%)

Diabetes mellitus type 2, from 8,441 to 9,193 (8.91%)

Gingivitis and periodontal disease, from 28,643 to 34,108 cases (19.08%)

Intestinal infections, up 90,254 to 121,662 (34.8%)

Acute respiratory infection, 369 thousand 688 to 491 thousand 233 (32.8%)

Influenza, up 74 to 151 (104%)

between most significant casualties is found COVID-19Which increased from 89,870 positive cases to 35,946, a decrease of -60.0 percent.

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