Be careful because when we notice swelling and pain in this precise area of ​​the body it may not be simple pimples or ingrown hairs

Our body is a very powerful machine that communicates with us every day. This is due to the fact that some signals it sends us tell us if we are actually healthy or if something is not working as it should.

We, for our part, are always very careful, especially when it comes to physical well-being and good functioning of the whole organism. It can happen, however, that some signals are misinterpreted and are mistaken for something they are not.

Be careful because when we notice swelling and pain in this precise area of ​​the body it may not be simple pimples or ingrown hairs

When we notice lumps, especially in the groin area, the first thing we think about is that it is ingrown hair. In fact, with the many ways we use to shave or exfoliate the skin, it happens that some hairs remain under the skin, creating small swellings which, if squeezed, could release the hair or excess pus. These are completely normal and also very common situations.

We should be very careful, however, when these bulges are of a particular shape and color. If touching them they almost look like hard balls or small or medium-sized ovals, they may not be very common pimples.

Here’s how to recognize them

The lymph nodes are small round-shaped organs, located along the lymphatic pathways and are responsible for transporting the lymph. These are found in many areas of the body and the neck area, the pollinal or axillary area are just some of the localized points.

It is possible that these lymph nodes swell and can therefore be felt to the touch. This could be due to some bacterial or viral infections. Additionally, swelling could be associated with pain and sensitivity to touch. If we talk, specifically, of problems at a polluting level, recognizing them could be simple, with respect to their position. The lymph nodes in this area are located below the so-called pollinal ligament of the thigh.

Possible solutions

In most cases the problem could resolve itself spontaneously and, at most, it might be useful to use warm compresses and rest to facilitate absorption. In other cases, however, specific therapies are necessary, perhaps even with painkillers or antibiotics.

When should you worry? If the problem appears suddenly, for no apparent reason, and when it lasts more than 2 weeks. Then it would be the case to consult a doctor, to understand how to proceed. Be careful because when we notice swelling and pain we should always monitor the situation, to see if it improves or worsens.

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