Be careful, if we take this medicine or this type of supplement we should not drink coffee

Often and willingly many of us eat and drink without being aware of what they introduce into our bodies. Of course there is no need to become obsessed with food, but discovering its properties could prove to be a positive attitude both in terms of personal culture and well-being. Sometimes, in fact, some foods can prove to be panacea for our situation, other times they can cause problems. For this reason, today we are taking into consideration an element that most of the population consumes on a daily basis. In fact it is necessary to pay attention, if we take this medicine or this type of supplement we should not drink coffee. Let’s see together what it is and in the meantime we also discover what are the benefits of this very popular drink, symbol of Italianness.

The benefits of this beloved drink both in Italy and abroad

We are talking about coffee, perhaps the most loved and consumed hot drink in the world. In fact, there are really many versions: the local espresso, the American and the Arabic variant more commonly called “Turkish”. Even if not everyone knows it, the powder of the ground grains is very energetic. Contains 287 calories per 100 grams. However, counting that the consumption made of it is minimal, the dose used for a cup of coffee amounts to about 2 kcal. Therefore, if unsweetened, it is perfect in low calorie diets, as it also reduces the feeling of hunger.

It also has neurostimulating benefits and is therefore able to remove the sensation of sleep and improve the feeling of well-being. It has also been shown to have beneficial effects on memory abilities. In addition to this powder, this very tasty and popular legume is also a powerful ally for strengthening memory. Finally, it can help fight headaches. Consuming too much, however, leads to no longer having these benefits. In fact, that’s why coffee no longer gives energy according to experts.

Be careful, if we take this medicine or this type of supplement we should not drink coffee

However, being so stimulating, it also presents problems. In fact, each of us has a tolerance threshold for coffee which, once exceeded, can lead to inconvenience. We refer specifically to palpitations, insomnia up to a feeling of tremor. Finally, according to Humanitas, it has some contraindications for those who take iron-based supplements, reducing their effectiveness. It then interferes with alendronate, used for osteoporosis, and can be harmful to those suffering from hyperthyroidism.


Few people know but this drug could increase the risk of breast cancer

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