Beats unveils a collaboration with Kim Kardashian!

A new partnership has just emerged, and not the least! It is that of Beats and of Kim Kardashian. A colorful collaboration that allows the brand to offer its Fit Pro headphones in new discreet colors that can adapt to the style of users.

A new look for the Beats Fit Pro

The beats fit pro headphones are already available in a number of colors, including mauve, gray, black and white. In other words, it is possible to detect the presence of headphones in the ears of users from afar. Only, some of our outfits may not coincide with an element that disturbs the balance of its colors. This is what the famous Kim Kardashian. And we all know her taste for fashion and color matching. This partnership with the brand allows him to fulfill his desire for discreet accessories. No need, according to the stylist, to systematically wear headphones in bright colors.

Photo credits: Instagram @kimkardashian

Photo credits: Instagram @kimkardashian

Together with Beats, they present a new collection of Fit Pro focused on nude color. This allows users to have discreet headphones that go with their skin tone. All this to be able to listen to music without ruining their style of dress. These new colors are 3 in number. Among them we find ” Moon “ which corresponds to the lightest color, “Dunes” which represents a medium shade, and finally ” Earth “ which is the darkest.

Photo credits: Beats by Dre

Headphones on sale very soon

For those interested, you should know that these headphones will be on sale in August 2022. That is to say shortly! On August 16, they will be available online on the Apple site. And on August 17, they go on sale at select Apple Stores and resellers. Note that they are priced at € 229.95. But be careful though, they are in limited quantity!

Photo credits: Beats by Dre

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