Beautiful actors born in November, from Ryan Gosling to Leonardo di Caprio


Lhe list of the birthdays of the stars of the month is really rich and very fascinating. Magnetic, sexy, full of charm, those born of Scorpio, a sign that dominates November, they have many arrows in their bow. And the Sagittarians of the first decade who blow out the candles at the end of the month are no less: instinctive and sometimes even brazen, always ready to impress. Here are the Hollywood actors who have their birthdays in the next 30 days.

Matthew McConaughey, 51 years old

The first to blow out the candles is Matthew McConaughey who will turn 51 on 4 November. The Texan actor, who in recent days has made a lot of talk about himself for the release of his autobiography, has always been faithful to a precise and recognizable style, with radical changes of look dictated only by cinematographic needs. Medium hair but always well disciplined, which highlights the pronounced jaw giving it a sexy allure, and perfectly shaved face are its strengths combined with a toned physique. In the past Matthew did not miss a beard and mustache, as well as longer hair which, thanks to the curls, make him a bit wild and much loved by fans.

Matthew McConaughey, 51 years old next November 4th (Photo by Getty Images)

Leonardo DiCaprio, 46 ​​and Old Hollywood charm

Also celebrates Hollywood’s eternal golden bachelor in November (actually now happily paired with young Camila Morrone), Leonardo Dicaprio. The day is November 11th and this year the candles are 46. It’s been a while since he played the orphan Luke in the seventh season of Parents in Blue Jeans but also from the glories of Titanic, Nevertheless Leo hasn’t changed that much. Fans always love him, and even forgave him the hipster season of the film The Revenant of 2015. Its “trademark”? Short hair pulled back governed by the gel and with a side line: a reassuring charm, very Old Hollywood, which gives him so much.

Leonardo di Caprio at the Oscar Night last February (Photo by Getty Images / Jeff Kravitz)

Ryan Gosling, 40 years as a good boy

Among the famous born in November there is also Ryan Gosling, who has really broken many hearts, especially since he is a steady couple with Eva Mendes, the woman of his dreams and of his reality. The actor the November 12 blows out 40 candles. P.I like him (to many) for his good-boy air, short hair, barely hinted beard and genuine smile make him a reassuring and sexy man at the same time.

Ryan Gosling has two daughters with Eva Mendes (Photo by ANDER GILLENEA / AFP via Getty Images)


Vincent Cassel, 54 with allure French

On November 23rd it will be the turn of Vincent Cassel, 54 years old. Married since 2018 to 23-year-old Tina Kunakey, he is the father of three daughters. The French actor is now experiencing a phase of essential and extremely minimal style with graying hair and beard ranging from a few centimeters to a full shave. On the other hand, in the past Cassel has experimented with many looks, from the hispster beard to the long hair seen a few seasons ago, and today at the dawn of his birthday he chose a more classic and traditional look.

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But many other beautiful films were also born in November. In the gallery above all those to whom you wish to wish.



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