Beauty and the Beast, did Belle’s original design resemble Angelina Jolie?

Apparently, in the early concept art of the Disney animated film Beauty and the Beast, Belle’s appearance was initially very similar to that of Angelina Jolie.

Belle’s voice actress in La Beauty and the BeastPaige O’Hara revealed new background on the 1991 animated film, including an illustrious resemblance of the main character to … Angelina Jolie!

As reported by IndieWire, in the book “Disney Princess: Beyond the Tiara” written by the voice actress of Beauty and the Beast (O’Hara is the original voice of Belle) it appears that the original design of Belle in the 1991 Disney animated version of the famous fairy tale looked a lot like a young Angelina Jolie in appearance.

She looked a bit like Angelina Jolie: she was beautiful“writes the actress”But I didn’t understand how one could identify with that person. You would look at it, admire it, and put it on a pedestal. The animators then changed her appearance. She was too perfect“.

According to what was stated by the animator James Baxter, in fact, the idea was to give Belle a “more European” look, and therefore “fuller lips, darker eyebrows, slightly smaller eyes”, at least compared to what we have seen. with Ariel in The Little Mermaid of 1989. And this is how this princess was born very similar in appearance to the beautiful Angelina Jolie.

Belle’s original concept art portrays her as a rather glamorous woman, but the animators quickly adapted the character’s appearance to bring her closer to the viewer, so that she could identify with her.“we still read. And at that point the inspirations seem to have been actresses like Aubrey Hepburn, Natalie Wood and Elizabeth Taylor, but also O’Hara herself.

I knew this movie was going to change the way we see Disney Princesses. Belle was the first Princess who was not looking for a man. She wanted to see the world and the places she had read about in books“.

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