Beauty and the Beast will come out, find out when and where it will happen

coffee maid It is a charming establishment that started its activity on December 24, 2021, specially designed for those who are fond of children’s stories and movies, which many have grown up with. coffee maid Offers a unique experience in a fantasy environment.

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There are four thematic spaces: castle in the desert With an environment that recreates the aesthetics and atmosphere of the film’s story, followed by Aladdin, A room inspired by a magical castle located in the middle of the desert that reflects Arabian culture.

On the other hand, Oriental Garden The film, designed with the atmosphere and aesthetics of ancient China, reflects the essence of Mulan. Also, can you be in the room? under the seaWhich recreates the depths of the ocean, reminiscent of the Little Mermaid.

Finally, in great hall, You’ll see an aesthetic Very sophisticated French style. inspired by the movie beauty and the Beast.

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Experience Ancient story This is a grand dinner inspired by the story of beauty and Beast, This is a three-course menu that includes Bella Cocktailwith entrance UtensilThere is an onion soup with croutons and Gruyere cheese.

We continue with the main dish called Owner It is a short rib cooked in beer with mashed potatoes, glazed carrots and roasted fennel.

Concluding with a dessert called be human again with the trio Petit fours, Rose Petal Macaron, Amaretto Eclair and Petite Gateau Opera, all of which can be enjoyed while storytelling takes place. Apart from the food, visitors also get the opportunity to mingle and take pictures with the main characters.

To ensure that the experience is unique, it is necessary to make reservations directly from the website, some dates for the month of July are now available. Once a reservation has been made, an address will be provided which must be kept secret at all times, which will contribute to a more special and intense experience. To get reservations you have to keep an eye on their social networks.


Reservation appointment with Doncella Café July 2023 (

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