beauty queen prevented from waving island flag on stage in Malaysia, Taipei says

Taipei on Wednesday (September 14th) accused Beijing of pressuring the organizers of an event in Malaysia to prevent a Taiwanese beauty queen from waving the island’s flag on stage.

Miss Taiwan, Kao Man-jung, was pictured crying as other beauty pageant contestants took to the stage on Tuesday (September 13) for the opening of the 2022 World Innovation Congress and Technology (WCIT), according to Taiwanese authorities.

China pressured Malaysian organizers to ban Miss Kao Man-jung from waving our national flag on stage“Said the Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, adding that it had instructed its representation in Malaysia to make an official complaint to the organizers. According to Taiwanese media, Kao Man-jung was prevented from going on stage while other competitors waved their country’s flag.

Such censorshiponly further disgusts the Taiwanese people and the international communityaccording to the Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which has accused Beijing of leading “despicable actions“. Beijing considers the island as part of its territory to be reconquered one day, if necessary by force, and protests against any international recognition of Taiwan, often reacting with virulence when the island’s flag is raised by foreign personalities. or at international events.

In the past, figures such as American pop stars Madonna and Katy Perry have angered China by displaying the Taiwan flag, which Beijing sees as a show of support for the island’s independence. In 2016, a young Taiwanese K-pop singer was forced to apologize for waving the flag during an online broadcast. Her apology video went viral on the same day as the 2016 presidential election, which saw Tsai Ing-wen become the first woman to lead the country after a landslide victory.

China suspended all communications with Taiwan after its victory and stepped up military pressure as Tsai Ing-wen’s government did not consider the island part of China.

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