BEAUTY: The haircut that Nuria Roca wore in the 2000s: layers and bangs

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Everything returns is one of the maxims of the world of fashion, but also of beauty. They say that everything is already invented and that what we wear in our day to day are versions of those that we wore decades ago. And this season we are seeing a clear return of the trends of the
70’s. And yes, not only in the decoration or in the clothes with patterned pants, but also in the

And where we have seen the return of this fashion more clearly has been in the hair. The side parting is worn with XL accessories and haircuts with very long and carefree hair or more sophisticated proposals such as the
shaggy with bangs.

The latter is a cut that was invented in the 70s when the punk movement emerged and that popularized the cinema thanks to figures like Jane Fonda who wore it in her cult film ‘Klute’ (1971). A rebellious and groundbreaking look that marked the spirit of the time.

In the 90s it became popular again thanks to actresses like Jennifer Aniston, and her iconic character of Rachel in ‘Friends’, and each decade it is updated to adapt to new, more modern versions and according to the client’s tastes, thus placing it in one of the
favorite makeovers.

And one of the proofs is the photograph that he has recently published
nuria roca on his Instagram profile. The presenter has shared with her followers an old image of herself in which she wears this haircut that we want to talk about today.

It is a photo from years ago in which a much younger Nuria appears with a most flattering haircut. So much so that many of his ‘followers’ have proposed to the presenter that she return to him. And, without a doubt, it is a proposal that should be considered because she looks great on him.

And what do the experts think of this look? Mónica Duque, director of Salón Seensay in Santander, says that “it is a very weathered style and with the ends combed out; a new look that gives you a lot of naturalness, freshness and that is ideal for your youth. The bangs are also somewhat shorter and more tousled, and blend in perfectly with the rest of the hair, framing the features very well.”

It is a cut that we have already seen several celebrities as is the case of Jenna Ortega, a look that Mónica Duque has also approved. “It’s a very successful style as Jenna’s face shape is quite narrow and thanks to this cut, she manages to add volume on the sides, achieving a much more balanced optical effect.”

In addition, it is a very flattering layered cut that works with any length but, nevertheless, for this year, Alberto Sanguino is committed to “the midi in a very scaled way with a much stronger and more radical result than what we were used to. The length of the nape and sideburns must be at the same height”, the expert tells us. It is a good alternative to change your look without risking too much.

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