“Because I sued them, they had to pay me”


Gerson Rhodes has revealed the whole truth of his rare absence from the courts for two years. The midfielder had made the determination to stop his career since he left the club in 2020 Honduras Progressan institution affiliated with the National League who disappointed him for failing to comply with the issue of payment for wages.

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The midfielder, in a chat with the journalist Américo Navarrete, confessed that it was the club from Progress that forced him to retire from football for a period of two seasons, but after reconsidering he has decided to return and thus sign with the Lone FC of the Honduras Promotion League.

“The truth is that I had some mishaps with some teams and that’s why I had decided not to play because I had been disappointed by the treatment they gave me, but thinking about it and thinking about it made me want to play again and I hope to contribute to Lone FC and take advantage of the opportunity”, he started saying.

Rodas, that he was the Honduran hero in the Olympic qualification at the London Games in 2012 and who ultimately missed them due to injury, had no qualms about testifying against his former club. Weird in him because he is not one to get into controversy, but he felt obliged to come out and tell the truth.

“One of the causes was due to lack of payment in the last clubs I was in and the mistreatment they give us. And the fans do not see it, a player lives it day by day and how those managers mistreated you in all kinds of aspects, ”he says with great sadness.

“I had a very unpleasant experience, not only with me, but with many colleagues who actually needed their payment. I don’t like to talk a lot about the subject so as not to create controversy because I think that a player has to dedicate himself to doing his job but it must also be reciprocated ”, he pointed out.

And it is that he was punctual: Honduras Progreso mistreated him and he had to sue them to make his payment effective. Was his experience with Honduras Progreso a bitter experience? the journalist asked him. “Yes, and the truth is very bitter, but now I’ve learned a lot.”

– Gerson Rodas, another of the many players suing Honduras Progreso –

And it is that Gerson Rhodes He joined the list of footballers who, after his bitter time at the club he directs from the presidential chair Elías Nazar decided to sue them. Did they pay you? the communicator approached him. “Because I had to sue them otherwise it would not have been the same way, but that is behind me and now I have to focus on my new team.”

Rodas went further and commented on what is experienced in the champion club of National League in 2015. “There are players who came to training and didn’t even have enough to go by bus and others who didn’t even eat and trained like that. Many of us know how difficult it is for the player because remember that there is no income on vacation, but my family was very supportive at those times. There are other colleagues who have suffered more than one”.

“In order for a team to perform well, the player has to be physically well and well fed and I tell him, there are players who came to training with a churro and a cool drink and it’s very difficult,” he says while laughing with a feeling of sadness. .

He then drops a stab. “I was there for a year and I think that if I were given the opportunity to return to the first division, it is the team that would never go again.”

“Because I sued him, he had to pay me last, the entire tournament, that’s why he should have paid me but there are many colleagues who have left there without getting paid for two or three months. People don’t know and don’t realize these things, it’s very complicated for a player, ”he said about the manager.

“There are many things… they manage their team to their liking because he (Elías Nazar) is the team president and the truth is that I feel sorry because I had never been like that in a team. I have never liked talking about anyone but in these circumstances I think that the player who goes there realizes what is really happening”.

Is Honduras Progress a time bomb?, they asked Gerson Rhodes. She laughs and answers. “Let them go there and have their experience, the fans don’t realize that and as a player you have to respond to the fans because they pay a ticket for you to do your best on the pitch but they don’t know what’s going on inside” .

“This left me very disappointed and that is why I had walked away, before the end of the year I had the opportunity for this to end. Not just me, there are many players, what happens many remain silent and that continues to harm the player who goes to the club. I hope that things have changed for the good of the player”, closed by saying the 32-year-old champion footballer with Royal Spain in 2010 and 2013.


Notably Gerson Rhodes He is not the first of the footballers to sue the Honduras Progress. In the past, Colombians Mario Abadía Y Rafael Agamez they also denounced the riverside club.

Also national coaches Hector Castellon Y Nerlin Membreñothe Uruguayan midfielder Jose Barreto and the hondurans edder delgado, Raymond Calix among others, they had to resort to this to make the institution responsible for their payments.


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