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The secret of the asymptomatic? The DNA. To reveal a very important discovery for the fight against Covid is the Ceinge-Biotechnology of Naples. The research center has in fact noted that everything depends on mutations of three genes. Thanks to this study, it will therefore be possible to predict whether an individual who contracts the infection will have symptoms or not.

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In detail, the genes involved are: Masp1, Colec10 and Colec11 and belong to the lectin family of proteins, the protein involved in the cell recognition process. These, he explains The day, were found by analyzing the DNA samples of about 800 asymptomatic individuals after Covid. “We can envision three levels of future applications,” he confirmed Mario Capasso at the helm of the study. Yes, because the important revelation allows us to understand in advance who will be ill in a less serious way and which drugs to use.

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“For the future – is the ambitious plan -, we would like to complete the puzzle, expanding the collection of DNA. This will be possible thanks to advanced bioinformatics analyzes and new generation sequencers that allow us to read an individual’s entire genome“Research is even more of vital importance if we consider the presence of Covid sub-variants. Often, this is the case with Omicron 4 and 5, these are more contagious and risk escaping even the vaccine.

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