Becky G is presumed as a whole “mamii” in the style of Karol G

The reggaeton singer of the moment Becky G, showed that she is quite a “mommy” Well, he showed off in a flirty outfit very much in the style of the “bug“and queen of Colombia, Carol Gthese two artists of the urban genre are the sensation of the moment, as they had an epic collaboration for the new studio album “schemes“With Your Song”Mommyi”.

Mommy“He made all the girls dance to the rhythm of reggaeton, it reached the Billboard popularity list, they were even invited to the biggest Coachella music festival to perform it, as well as to the prestigious Billboard Music Awards ceremony for the great success achieved by this new female anthem.

Now, we know that both reggaeton artists have a different style because they are different people, different tastes, however, the beautiful singer Becky G She would leave her followers with a square eye after showing off in a flirtatious and daring outfit showing her slim and perfect figure, very much in the style of the Colombian.

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In low-rise wide-leg pants in a rather striking shade of red, a vibrant red, a spectacular beach suit could be seen, in purple, a few printed figures adorning the top, the pants being low a few children belonging to the bikini could be seen flirtatious around her narrow waist.

Becky G is presumed to be a “mamii” in the style of Karol G, photo: instagram

A perfect combination of colors and styles accentuated the beauty of the interpreter of “when i kissed you“Well, to add a more urban and flirtatious style, some sleeves covered part of her arms but had the same pattern of decorations and colors as the beach dress, being totally an outfit that wasted beauty, as well as flirtation.

Very much in the style of Bichota Mayor Carol GSince the Colombian used to show off her body full of curves in very provocative and flirtatious outfits but never without losing style, the publication was quickly filled with love from her followers, who did not hesitate to leave her nice comments praising her beauty.

It seems that the “G girls” understand each other perfectly, because when they collaborated together they were quite phenomenal and now they shine in very similar styles, being all “mommies” without mentioning their “Bichota” side.

CLICKING HERE you can see the image of Becky G.

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