Before Black Adam, the heroes of the JSA reveal themselves in one-shots

Present in the film carried by Dwayne Johnson, heroes such as Hawkman, Atom Smasher or Dr. Fate will be the stars of prequels this summer.

Seeing him save the world and directing spectacular action scenes, Dwayne Johnson fans thought that all that was missing from his filmography was a superhero role at Marvel or DC. And the two-letter universe intends to grant their wish in 2022. The superstar will play the nemesis of Shazam in black adama feature film directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and in the pipeline for many years.

A Phased Intro to the Justice Society of America Ahead of the Big Screen Clash

Originally scheduled for this summer, the film will finally be released in October, after Warner Bros’ decision to shake up its schedule. In addition to Dwayne Johnson’s great debut in a superhero film, the feature film is also highly anticipated for another reason: the Justice Society of America. This famous team of superheroes from the DC universe will make their big film debut and should be opposed to Black Adam. To familiarize the public a little more with this team, DC is pursuing a strategy already applied for previous films: the publication of one-shot comics.

Last month, the publisher announced a sort of push campaign with various special issues dedicated to the members of the JSA who will be present on the screen in black adam. After Hawkman, the publisher has just announced a new 48-page issue by Cavan Scott and Maria Laura Sanapo, which this time will be devoted to the character of Cyclone. Created by Geoff Johns and Dale Eaglesham, Cyclone first appeared in 2007 in Issue 1 of Justice Society of America. Cyclone’s alter ego, Maxine Hunkel, is Ma Hunkel’s granddaughter, the first Red Tornado.

A blockbuster currently in full reshoot

This publication should provide some background on this heroine who will be played by Quintella Swindell in Jaume Collet-Serra’s film. The issue is announced for August 2, 2022 and there is no doubt that the announcements dedicated to Dr Fate and Atom Smasher, other members of the JSA, should not delay any longer. Gathered under the name The Justice Society Files, these one-shots should be written by Cavan Scott and will be completed with a red thread plot featuring the heroine Isis, often presented as the companion of Black Adam in the comics. To go back to black adam (which also goes through the comics box before the film’s release), Dwayne Johnson recently shared on social networks a new snapshot of the shooting, which allows you to see the costume of the DC antihero in its entirety.

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