Before starring in Barbie, Margot Robbie wanted Gal Gadot for the film’s central role

Barbiemania does not stop. film starring margot robbie and directed by greta gerwig This is the biggest film event of this year so far. The film revolves around the popular doll, which is a part of barbieland In the direction of the real world, with the aim of discovering the cause of some vague idea that transcends it. And although today it’s impossible to think of that film without Robbie, the first choice was to create the protagonist. girl gadot,

Margot Robbie in “Barbie”Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures – Warner Bros. Pictures

It has been revealed recently In her role as producer, Margot Robbie did not see herself in the role of the famous doll and therefore began to consider other options. At the same time, Gal Gadot appeared, whom Robbie wanted for the central role. However, as the project progressed, the Israeli interpreter had to step aside due to other filming she had scheduled. From that moment on, and although there were other aspirants to continue with the lead role, the actress The Wolf of Wall Street He resolved to go ahead and play the lead role.

In a note with Flaunt magazine, the actress wonder woman She recounted the process that brought her one step away from giving life to the iconic doll, which was helmed by Robbie himself. ,I love Margot. She’s one of those women you want to be your friend.” Gadot told. “She is funny, warm, funny and of course very talented. I would love to do something with her and for me every word of her touched my heart.”He assured.

barbieWarner Bros. – Warner Bros.

for his part and in a dialogue with the trendRobbie also praised his colleague. He added, “Gal Gadot embodies Barbie energy because she’s gorgeous but you can’t hate her for it: She’s really so honest and so kind that she reaches the point of naivety without falling into it.”

Gadot isn’t the only name that was close to integrating the feature film, though she was left out of the project. as revealed, Bowen Yang, Dan Levy And Ben Platt Whereas, Ken came very close to being Jonathan Groff Almost Made Allan, One Role Left Michael Cera,

Besides, Gerwig said she made every effort to make their two sexiest names make a cameo, Saoirse Ronan And Timothée Chalamet (which he led lady bird And little Women, But the director could not fulfill his wish. “He was going to have a special partnership. But none of them could be there and I was very disappointed. I love them a lot. I felt like I was doing something without my children, because even though I am not their mother, somehow I feel like a mother to both of them,” she explained.

This new era of action cinema driven by streaming platforms is designed with global objectives: in this context appears Agent Stone, a detective story that arrived on Netflix, and has many risky scenes and perfectly choreographed There have been fights. The motion is headed by Gadot, which also includes an international cast that includes Irishman Jamie Dornan (Belfast) and Alia Bhatt (RRR), from India.

Agent Stone starring Gal Gadot

Like any worthwhile international detective story, the film’s plot takes place in settings as diverse as Iceland, Portugal, London, Morocco and Italy, an adventure that took the team across Europe. ,This is not something that happens very often. Usually everything is filmed in the same location, with the same equipment. On the other hand, in this case, except for a few essential members of the cast and technical team, we spend our time moving from country to country, Working with local experts in each location. All the time we were meeting new faces, people whom we asked to help us build this project. And I feel like it’s something beautiful that everyone worked so hard to achieve that common goal, ”the actress recalled in a conversation with LA NACION.

“Obviously my favorite part of the whole process is getting to play the character, but I found the production very empowering. The fact of making a project you’re passionate about a reality is a fascinating feeling, almost an electric experience”, said Gadot, who, in her own words and according to persistent rumors in Hollywood, will reprise the role of Wonder Woman in the dedicated third film. Could. For a superheroine. From DC. But until that happens — if it does — Gadot is not standing still. Literally.


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