Before their relationship with Rosalia and Juanes became known, they met in a bar in Barcelona

On July 25 it was announced that one of the most beloved couples in the contemporary music industry ended their relationship and marriage commitment: Rav Alejandro and Rosalia, who maintained a relationship for over three years; People in Spanish reported this separation and love break which has been the center of the internet this morning and the girl who can be blamed for this situation is the model Valeria Duke.

In this regard, all kinds of information have been circulated, where they are told that “the famous singer ofstigmaAs happened to various women in and out of the music and entertainment industry Camila Cabello.

Romance with Raw Alejandro

In fact, on August 10, Rosalia’s ex-boyfriend uploaded a song amidst the ongoing controversy over their romantic relationship, assuring him that he loved her and was never unfaithful, and that he was her friend. Might as well wait for them to do so. build a life together; About this, The “Saoko” singer has not commented on the matter.

It should be noted that since June 24, the Catalan Rosalia has posted an excerpt from the successful film “Tacones Lejanos”. Pedro Almodovar where the song “Think of Me” plays in the background, A post also circulated on his profile on July 16, where he is seen crying with a brief but powerful description: “the day of everything”, which resonated with thousands of his fans.

Rove and Rosalia become engaged. IG photo:

his relationship with Juanes

Information about Rosalia’s life had already begun to circulate on social networks. Raw Alexander and Other Love: about his artistic career and how he is building and nurturing it, where it is mentioned that one of the key moments in it was meeting Juanes.

it was once barcelona where juans heard the voice rosalia And he knew right away that it would have potential, so he spoke to his manager and told him to follow that unique voice; She has had the opportunity to open some of her shows, and in fact, the now famous Spanish singer sings the song “Es Por Ti”. Juaneswho transferred The very interpreters of this musical success.

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