Before Zendaya, Tom Holland had a magical love in Billy Elliot


Tom Holland and Zendaya are one of the couples of the moment, but before consolidating, each one went their separate ways. Did you know that he lived a magical love before falling in love with his Spider-Man partner?

Tom Holland and Zendaya
© GettyTom Holland and Zendaya

Last year happened what all fans of Tom Holland expected: the actor gave love a chance. Although it was always known that he had different relationships, he more than once chose not to confirm them, especially due to the fact that his ex were not completely public people. But, in 2021 he had no choice but to admit his courtship with Zendayahis co-star in spider-man since images of them kissing through the streets of Los Angeles were leaked.

However, beyond that much Tom Holland What Zendaya They stopped hiding after the publication of the snapshots, the truth is that they continue to choose to have a low profile. Little is known about how love began, when and what their future plans are. In any case, it should be noted that for the fans, seeing them together has been something unmatched after, for years, they claimed to be just friends.

That is, currently Holland and Zendaya are one of the couples of the moment and even one of the most emblematic in the industry. But, apparently, it is not the first time that Tom lives a love as powerful as the current one. This is because, according to what he confessed, when he was part of the Billy Elliot musical, he was also in love and much.

Tom and the also singer are 25 years old each, so before being an official couple, they were in love or dating other people. For example, in the case of the British man, his first adventures in his love began when he was eight years old when he was crushed by a theater partner of his. He has not yet confirmed who it was, but he did make it clear that he had a magical moment with her.

According to his words, his partner had no interest in him, but even so, the actor dared to steal a kiss from him that did not last long, but that he assured that “It was three magic seconds”. This is how he defined that moment between laughs during a recent interview. However, the love he now shows for Zendaya seems to be incomparable, especially how he refers to her both in public and on her social media.

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