‘Begin Again’: getting lost to find yourself

A film that shows that love and music can overcome adversity

The birthday of the protagonist Keira Knightley yesterday March 26 leads us to remember the great role that the Oscar nominee played in the film begin again.

begin again, directed by John Meat and, reached the big screens in 2014 in Spain, a year after the premiere in the United States. Nominated for a oscar for the best original song, this film wins us over from the first moment thanks to its musical touches.

Keira Knightley plays Greta, a young woman with a passion for music who moves to NY with her boyfriend Dave (Adam Levine). James Corden plays Steve, Greta’s best friend, who stars in the foreground of the film. It begins with an invitation from Steve to Keira Knightley, which she begins to sing, and whose voice, unsurprisingly, moves us. And it is that without being a musical, music has a fundamental role, because this is the passion and objective that the protagonists follow in the film and, for this reason, it is frequent throughout the film to find the characters interpreting original songs.

Still from the Greta and Dave movie | Source: Begin Again

Dan (Mark Ruffalo) plays the producer musical that coincides with the young aspiring singer Greta. The film, after briefly showing Dan’s life, returns to the close-up with which it begins, this being the moment where both connect and their plot begins together.

The harsh reality of the music industry

With slight criticism of the music industry, without going too deep into it, brings to the plot of the story another debate to talk about. Greta due to her romantic relationship with Dave, who seems to be reaching the top of his game. stardomhas always lived from outside the reality of the music industry, without the opportunity to be the true protagonist. She is not afraid to express her opinion and desires, she does not settle for the easy thing, something that she learns from Dan, which we could say that she exercises from her mentor.

existential crisis in adolescence

In Dan’s life we ​​are introduced to his daughter Teen Violet (Hailee Steinfeld). She is in a hard moment in life, where she feels lost and without ambition. The paternal lack in her life is an important factor in it, the contentious relationship of his parents leads Dan to distance himself from his daughter, too focused on his work, he forgets how important it is to maintain that relationship father and daughter. It is when Greta enters her life that we see that this takes a turn. Thus, the film deals with a topic that is relevant today: the importance of giving visibility to that difficult stage of not knowing which path to choose and not having any figure to help you.

Still from the Violet and Dan movie | Source: Begin Again

Music as a form of medicine

Both Dan and Greta receive emotional blows strong that make them have nothing to lose to cling to each other in the hope of finding a bright future. It is in the process of this where, in their wake, they captivate all those who listen to the music they manage to create together. The adversities they face do not slow them down or allow negativity to win, this positivism that the film clearly represents comforts us, we can feel identified with the characters, we connect with them and it invites us to put ourselves in their places through the proximity with which they approach their characters. We want to stay until the end of the film to see what happens to the characters, we see how they grow and advance throughout the film, we hooks up.

The film teaches us valuable lesson that in life it is often necessary to lose oneself in order to find oneself, that obstacles make us stronger and we learn from them, how life takes different directions and we must know how to get the best out of each one.

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